Bound For The Big Apple


Yesterday was a fairly productive day … got my haircut, got my packing done and managed to squeeze in a run. David and I have a wedding to attend in NYC this coming Sunday so we’re flying out to NYC today. Altho I had a bit of stuff to do yesterday, I managed to get everything done without much stress … which was nice. Since we’re flying today, I can’t run … but I am starting to look forward to getting in a couple of runs when I’m in NYC this week.

I’m hoping to run along the Hudson River and in/around Central Park. I’m lucky because David’s sister lives very near both locales so it will be easy for me to reach my intended destinations. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery, to be honest. We will be pretty bizzy in NYC, as usual, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to do much fun stuff. Alas, it looks like I won’t be able to see Sleep No More or any other fun show. But, that’s fine. We’re looking forward to the wedding and, strangely, I’m looking forward to running. I know, I’m shocked too.

I hope all y’all have a fantastic Thursday … and I’ll see YOU on the East Side.

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  • James

    I am going to be in NYC this weekend too. I was trying to get tickets to see Sleep No More again but it is sold out. I’m going to see Ghost, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Once, and Priscilla for the second time.

    • Josh C.

      Hey James, just so you know 2 tickets opened up for the Saturday late show. I’ll be there in 2 weeks and already have tickets, but I keep checking cause I’m tempted to go another night too because of how good I hear it is and better it can be on repeated visits.

      Good luck! Have fun in NYC Trent!

    • Lita

      James, you are going to really like Once, I saw it last month with my husband and we loved it.Not exactly like the movie they changed some things a bit, good changes. Lots of great music too. Hope you have a great trip! You too Trent

  • lori

    its sooo nice in nyc now. my bf just texted me sayng his jogging along the east river with the sun shining!

  • Jackie

    Its beautiful here at the moment. Hopefully it will stay that way all weekend. :)

  • Unfortunately the weather does not look all that good for the weekend. The worst days are supposed to be Saturday night, all day Sunday, and most of Monday. It’s a shame that this crappy weather has to happen when you’re here because we have had little to no significant rain for weeks upon weeks. The horrible weather should have waited until after your visit ;) I feel badly for your friend’s wedding too :(

  • Johnny

    The run diary is killing me, not in a good way. And what’s up with the all caps ‘YOU’ I feel like I am in a bad 90’s radio show.

    • rYan

      You should ask for a refund… Oh wait…

    • rOXy

      Whine much Johnny?

  • LeAnne

    Johnny–then stop reading

  • Kelly

    I am also going to NYC this weekend for the first time! I can’t Wait!!!

  • Dezden

    I’m thinking about going to see Sleep No More! I’ll be in town June 29 through July 5, and the June 30 show has times open. Does it matter what time I go?? And what should I expect? I honestly feel like I know nothing other than it is individual/interactive (but I don’t really understand to what extent) and great things you (Trent) and others have said on here. I’m just scared I’ll spend the money and somehow not like it? Is that possible? LOL! Talk me into it. Thanks guys!

    • @Dezden — Go as early as possible (ie. 7pm or 11pm) so that you will get the maximum time to explore/experience the show. The show is loosely based on Macbeth but there are other elements as well. I can’t promise you’ll enjoy it as much as I did but there’s a reason I went back to see the show multiple times.

  • rOXy

    I know there are many resources for different running routes in NYC and I am sure you have searched out the best ones. Hoping you get some good weather. I love Central Park in the Spring! I was proposed to at the Imagine plaque in Strawberry Fields. Stupidest thing I ever did was say “No”.