Mariah Carey Makes Herself At Home In The Recording Studio


Yesterday we saw Mariah Carey and her bangin’ body on the cover of Shape magazine and today we get to see Mimi and her bod back in the recording studio where she is hard at work on her next album. Over the past few months, we’ve seen plenty of photos of MC in the studio so this isn’t anything new … but it is encouraging to learn that she is still working on new tunes … lookin’ like the HBIC she is all the while.

Break time at the studio with me, @Mr_Dupri and B. Cox.. giving you pip!

There is no word on when we might expect this new album from Mariah but I hope we get to hear something soon. I am really looking forward to her musical return. Now that her twin babies are 1 year old, she can get back on tour … possibly? Maybe? First, she’s got to finish her album then … who knows. Mimi come back to us, it’s been far too long ;)


  • nicole

    cant wait for new music!
    and i l-o-v-e her hair like that. so much better then when she has it straight.

    • Mhat85

      @ Nicole – Couldn’t agree more! LOVE her curly hair! While she rocks the straight as well, I’ve always preferred her with curly. And I hope she goes back to her roots a little with her music. I am SO looking forward to new Mimi music, but I have to say I have a soft spot for old-school-Power-Ballad-Mariah. Hope this hair is a sign of some NEW-old-school lol.

    • YepYep

      Ditto on the hair! Love it this way. Straight is just too polished, curly makes her real and approachable :)

  • rOXy

    Gads. That smile is so bright I need shades. Hotness.

  • John

    Such a legend! And stunning. Her music never disappoints me and im sure this album will be no different

  • Roy

    God I love this woman…

  • Courtney

    she took time off for nobler things family and children she knew her real fans would stick by her through anything. @Roy I love her too and have since she first came out 22 years ago and have even met her once