Watch: Michael Fassbender Is A Sexy Robot In ‘Prometheus’


All day yesterday, the Internets gushed about the amazing hologram Tupac Shakur that performed at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival over the weekend (and earlier today we learned that that hologram will likely go on tour sometime in the near future) but right now, we’re getting our first look at an Artificial Intelligence robot character that makes Hologram Tupac look like two thousand and late. Actor Michael Fassbender will portray the AI robot character David in the forthcoming Ridley Scott prequel film Prometheus and is featured in a new viral promo video that is making the rounds today. Click below to meet David.

While the faux TED 2023 talk only peripherally touched on the events of Prometheus, this latest video seems to tie in much more directly to the plot of Ridley Scott’s upcoming science fiction film. “Happy Birthday David” is a commercial from Weyland Corp. — the eponymous company owned by Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland — advertising its 8th Generation TIPE (Technological, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional – pronounced “type”) android played both here and in the film by a blond Michael Fassbender. Because it is a Ridley Scott film, after all, which necessitates at least one android on screen. The video is fairly soothing throughout — it is supposed to be an advertisement, after all — with David curiously smelling flowers, playing chess with another version of himself, sketching, and even crying. (He’s packaged as “an artificial intelligence almost indistinguishable from mankind itself” that’s capable of understanding emotion even if he does not feel it — which thankfully means Fassbender will be able to exercise a wider range of expression.) That all said, we couldn’t help but notice a few more macabre moments, like the two synthetic skulls in glass cases in the background of the main interview shot, or perhaps this polysyllabic dose of foreshadowing: “I can carry out directives human counterparts might find distressing or unethical.” Ridley Scott’s not-an-Alien-prequel (or so everyone involved continues to say) is due out June 8th, which is about 52 days from now. Not that we’re counting or anything.

HMMMM … I kinda anticipated that one of the characters in Prometheus would turn out to be an artificial life form (a la Alien, Aliens, etc.) but I thought the surprise would come much further down the road … to be revealed in the film. Clearly, the promo folks are trying to head off the revelation at the pass by releasing this viral video early. It’s clever and it’s likely to get traction. I love Michael Fassbender, robot or not. I’m intrigued and entertained by this clip … so, I guess, mission: accomplished. What do y’all think? Do we like Fassy as a robot?

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  • COOOOOOL. What are those two skull shapes behind his head??

  • Meghan

    So excited for this! I think Fassbender will play a great robot. I don’t think they tried too hard to keep this plot point a secret. I heard months ago that Fassbender would be playing an android. The question is will it be a good android or bad android?

  • Tracy

    This looks like it is going to be good movie. Interesting how they are keeping using the Weyland business name and links it to all the Alien movies along with the robot theme. But, I have to say Fassbender is not a nice looking man. He does nothing for me…eh!

    • V

      Fassbender is not a nice looking man????? O_____o

      *spasms in shock*

      Well I guess everyone has their tastes but *insert hunger games katniss; “I volunteeeer!!!!!”*

    • Tracy

      LOL! I know I’m pretty much alone in this one, I would seriously kick him out of bed…you are too funny.

  • gpgirl

    excited for fassy!!!

  • Laura

    SO excited! For Prometheus, absolutely, but Michael Fassbender really is a revelation. A wonderful and obscenely gorgeous revelation. ;D