Blah. Yesterday was totally a … meh. kind of day. I honestly don’t have much to really share about my day. I worked, I ran, I slept. That was pretty much it. I was hoping for a nice, hour long run but that didn’t happen. My ankle was feeling a bit off so I decided to cut short my run and save it for another day. I had plans to see a show last night but I ended up fizzling out and decided to just stay in and read … then I fell asleep early. Hahahaha. I know some of y’all have days like this … it was just a ho-hum kind of day.

I’m hoping to have a better run today but better or not, I’m going to get myself out there. I’d like to get some miles run this week just in case I won’t have time to run while David and I are in NYC this coming weekend. That said, I’m bringing my running shoes in the hopes that I’ll be able to hit the pavement in Manhattan and run some of the Big Apple :)

I have to run a few errands today … I need to get tuxedo accessories. Fun stuff! No exciting plans for tonight but … that’s OK. Not every day can be a spectacle. Some days, you just live a nice normal life. Happy Tuesday!

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  • Sometimes those are the BEST days <3

    • @Jamie — I <3 U :)

  • Comment

    Although it’s really nice for you to share your days with us Trent, I’ve always felt that you don’t really don’t HAVE TO give us a daily report of what you’ve been up to.

    A periodical update with what’s going on with your life would be more than enough for us, your loyal readers ;)

    I guess in a way, I’m just trying to tell you: NO PRESSURE to type up an update if you really got nothing interesting going on. ;)

  • Sam

    Have you two set a date?

  • Adrian

    @Comment-Isn’t it kinda rude to tell someone how they should write their own blog.

  • claire

    I have a LOT of days like that.

  • Jessica

    I love hearing about his days… I think that’s why I keep coming back because it’s so personal yet entertaining! It’s pretty rude to tell someone how to write their blog!

  • BCDanielle

    I also like hearing about his days! Trent’s personal anecdotes are the best :)

    Oh! Trent- I’m heading to NYC this August. Any tips on where I should go? :)