Mariah Carey Covers ‘Shape’ Magazine


Mariah Carey is showing off her sick bod on the cover of the upcoming May issue of Shape magazine. According to the magazine headline, Mimi lost 30 pounds since she gave birth to her twin babies last year … and clearly she’s got her confidence back. Mariah has been lookin’ good for a while now … something about that mommy glow that makes all women look radiant. But by the look of this new Shape coverphoto, she is has deffo got her SexyBack … and how. Check out the photo in full below.

Now, I know that magazines like Shape employ photo retouchers to make their models look even better than the real thing but … honestly, it’s easy to see that Mariah is back to her sexy self. She’s never shied away from wearing, er, shall we say … the tiniest of clothing options. So, seeing her rock this teeny weeny bikini isn’t really all that surprising. The bottom line is that she looks happy with herself … and that, of course, makes her look beautiful. This is a great coverphoto. I can’t wait to see the accompanying photospread.


  • nicole

    after some pictures of her that came out yesterday of her out with nick and dem doesnt look like they did a whole lot with the editing – which is great, cause she doesnt need all that re-touching

  • rOXy

    A good example about how bearing children can result in bringing out a woman’s natural radiance. I can see where they retouched the waistline on her right and her jawline, but even still, Mimi is gorgeous.

  • teri

    actually, doesn’t Shape claim to not airbrush their cover photos? regardless she looks amazing – good for her!!

  • cinner

    This pic looks like Sophia Vergara

  • Courtney

    @Cinner She Reminds me More of Sophia Loren at her age than Vergara besides all magazines are airbrush so are album covers which hers comes out later in the year promo pics and film posters.@Roxy has it ever occured to you that when these pics were taken in probably february Mariah may have had a minor acne break out she has really sensitive skin and taking care of babies who are just learning to walk and an Ill husband is stressful and stress is known to make acne and other skin issues flair up