‘Glee’s Mark Salling Goes From Puck To Prep


The season finale of Glee is quickly approaching and that means our fave Seniors from the show are getting ready to say goodbye to McKinley High School. It would seem that there will be some pretty big changes ahead in the remaining eps of the season based on how different some of the characters look this week on the set of the show. Actor Mark Salling plays the always-mohawked Puck on Glee … but this week, he is rocking a very preppy-look instead. To be honest, he looks almost unrecognizable. Check out the photos below.

He is known for playing a punk with a Mohawk on musical comedy show Glee. So when Mark Salling had an entire style makeover today, he became virtually unrecognisable. The 29-year-old traded in his bad boy grungy style for a preppy look as he filmed scenes on set in Sherman Oaks, California. Mark was sporting a full head of slick brunette locks and a colourful ensemble for his day of shooting. The actor dressed in a crisp white shirt under a knitted black, white and red striped vest top. He also donned tomato coloured trousers, a grey bow tie and navy lace-up boating shoes.

Obvs, this outfit is for a musical performance number but … I have to say, it’s a good look for him. I’m so unaccustomed to seeing Mark with a full head of hair … but I like it. Honestly, I was never a fan of his usual landing strip mohawk. With this wig on, Mark looks more like Channing Tatum, don’t you think? I’m curious to see how this look will be integrated into Glee. There are only a handful of eps left. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how this season will end. What do y’all think of Mark’s new preppy look? Do you like?


  • nicole

    i totally thought Channing too. that maybe he dyed his hair dark.
    i like the full head of hair..but i think it would have been better styled differently.

  • Keegan

    It almost looks like he’s dressed to be Blaine’s double. Anyone else notice the combo of colours, hair and bowtie?

  • Iheartaustin

    Awe he looks like Blaine!

  • Daniel Scott

    I feel as though he trades looks with Blaine for a day. This really looks like a Blaine outfit to me!

  • Caitlin

    I thought he could trade with Artie

  • ClaireMichelle

    Yep, there are pictures of Darren as Blaine in the same exact outfit. I wonder what the plan is here? Why are they dressed the same?

  • Dimples

    Maybe it’s a dream sequence episode?