Angelina Jolie Starts Showing Off Her New Engagement Ring


Last week we learned that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally got themselves engaged to be married. Yesterday we saw a photo of the beautiful Tiffany ring that Angelina’s engagement ring was modeled on … but today, we get to see the Brangelina sparkler close-up. Ange was spotted in public with rock on hand for the FIRST TIME since news of her engagement broke. As you may recall, we already know that Brad had a hand in the rings design but today we also learn that Brad REPORTEDLY popped the question last Xmas. Keep in mind, this proposal “news” comes from a tabloid report so it’s likely that the story is completely fiction … but now that we know that the couple are, indeed, engaged — speculative stories like this are going to be de rigueur. Click below to get a good look at Angelina’s bling and read the REPORTED deets of Brad’s proposal.

Angelina Jolie may have only just debuted her gorgeous engagement ring, but Life & Style can exclusively reveal that she and Brad Pitt have been engaged for months! A source says that Brad proposed to Angelina at Christmas and that the couple decided to keep it a secret until the timing was just right. “Brad had the ring designed last year and made sure it was ready by Christmas because he wanted a romantic Christmas proposal — and he got it,” a friend of Brad’s tells Life & Style. “They didn’t announce their engagement sooner because Angie focused so much on promoting her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey,” says the insider. Instead, Brad waited until after the December premiere before getting down on one knee. “She was very busy with the movie and her Oscar campaign. She also worried that the engagement would take over press on her film and detract from that. There was some negative press on Blood and Honey that bothered her a lot, and she didn’t feel the timing was right. So they waited,” reveals the source.

Again, I don’t know that I totally believe this proposal story (particularly because of how detailed it is) but these tabs do know how to spin a story. I’m of the mind that the more personal details a tabloid story has, the less true it actually is. Nonetheless, I’m certain that Brad’s proposal to Angelina was lovely and special … and he did a really great job with the ring. Now that Angelina is finally showing off her ring, we can get a better sense of what it looks like. It’s a pretty ring, unique and classy. My guess is that Brangelina may have a long engagement (nothing wrong with that) so we better content ourselves with gawking at this ring for a while … cuz wedding plans may still be months away.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Erica

    This must mean everyone can legally get married. Wonderful news!

    • @Erica — No, this means that a couple in love have decided to change their minds and not limit their lives to the contraints placed on others by short-sighted, close-minded people. I think it was a nice sentiment for them to say — at one point — they were going to wait until everyone could marry but I neither fault or blame them for changing their minds. Let them be married and be happy.

    • VLB

      It’s good for their kids too, who have been asking why they’re not married…at least I think that’s what Brad Pitt said last time he was on Ellen.

  • Janaegal

    Hmmm, does your sneaky approval of a long engagement mean that YOU intend to have one as well? I hope not! I can’t wait to live vicariously through you when you start posting about wedding planning. M’kay, thanksbye. ;)

    • @Janaegal — All I’ll say is that David and I are already going to 8 weddings this year. There will not be a 9th wedding.

  • Z

    I understand the symbolism of the ring and the engagement but it’s not like they weren’t previously committed to each other so all this hoopla over it is kind of annoying. :P My husband and I went through a similar thing when we got engaged after 4 yrs together, including 1 yr of living together, and raising his daughter together. While we were glad that friends and family wanted to celebrate with us, it was a little hurtful that most of them didn’t consider our relationship as really committed until I had an engagement ring. I’m sure those who in similar situations or those who cannot legally marry understand this sentiment.

  • Michelle

    It’s not “pretty”, it’s not “classy”, but it is “unique” as in it’s the most expensive “ugliest” ring money can buy! But everyone has their own taste….hope she likes it.

  • AmandaMarie

    Im in 4 weddings within the next 11 months and going to 4 more by August 2013. I feel you there Trent. So much. Way lots! I love weddings though so its pretty cool. Haha.

    Definitely can’t wait to see your plans as they unfold though!

    • @AmandaMarie — :)

  • rOXy

    We have yet to see a clear picture of this ring, and in most cases, pictures just can’t do justice to diamonds. I think this is WAY more attractive than the ring it was modeled on. It is a solid piece of jewelry, made to be withstand a lifetime of wearing it most days. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel like to look down and see that symbol of Brad’s love and committment on her finger. A circle of the best diamonds that money can buy. It must be amazing to see the sparkle in person. Haters can step to the side. Brad has outdone himself and Angie wears it very well. Good for them!

  • rOXy

    PS – I will be among the many virtual attendees at your wedding. I don’t know if you intend to go public with your plans, but I am very much looking forward to your big day. You can at least let us know where you register. ;)

  • Ellen

    Love, love, love the ring. Emerald cut also happens to be one of my favorites. Brad loves to design for his ladies. It is also a testament from Angie to Brad for wearing it ( she could have been a royal b and said no and designed one herself or picked something else ). I wish them nothing but the best.

  • Junior Mint

    Wondering if the whole ring is made of diamond, like the one that was in the news a few weeks ago? I think it totally fits her hand and is beautiful and is VERY classy and sweet. The fact that it only cost $500,000 is pretty neat, considering that you usually see celebs going for the million+ rings. ALthough that may be an incredible amount to us non-celebs I think that speaks volumes of Brad and Angelina. He didn’t need to pick out the biggest, most expensive rock and he put his time and love into creating it. We should all be so lucky with our loves. Wish them the best!

  • alicia

    i like how its dropping off of her finger! hahah

  • wtf?

    That is the ugliest ring I have ever seen.

  • debra

    I love her ring.. and really does it matter if I or anyone else doesn’t. People really put too much importance in their opinion of other people’s lives.

    The ring is not really an emerald cut. Procop has his own methods. He does what he calls a tablet cut. The cut he and Angie used in their joint jewelry line. And I think the same that he used to make the pendent that Brad wears all the time. A gift from Angie.

    and really there are other couples that have been together for a while then get married, but why people are all over Brad and Angie is just the usual Double standard.