Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Parties In Colombia


We already know that President Barack Obama is a cool man. We know that First Lady Michelle Obama is a cool lady. But did you know that former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was a party animal? ‘Tis true! Hil. C was spotted getting down with her bass ass self during some off-time while in Colombia this weekend … and there are photographs to prove it. Click below to see how freakin’ awesome Secretary of State Clinton can be.

In a move more reminiscent of something her husband Bill might do, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed last night dancing and knocking back a beer at a club in Cartagena, Colombia. Clinton, in town for Summit of the Americas, showed up at a bar called La Havana at around 12:45 AM and stayed for about 30 minutes. According to a local paper, Clinton and her party of 12 ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water.

Let me tell you something right here … I have ALWAYS been a Hillary fan. I loved her as First Lady. I loved her as a Senator. I loved her as a presidential candidate … and I really love her as Secretary of State. I’d also love to see her as president someday but … I’m getting ahead of myself. It goes without saying that I also really love seeing her party down. The woman is just so incredibly smart, talented and hardworking. It really is nice to see her let loose and have some fun. These photos have made my day … nay, they have made my week!



    Let’s be honest, Hillary should have won presidency because, not only would she have kicked ass and took names, but because she’s, well, amazing as the cheese on your nacho chip. It’s pretty much a fact, etc.

  • rOXy

    LOVE Hillary!!! She has been through a lot and she works HARD. She deserves to let loose a little and have some fun. Heaven knows her job could wind up a lesser soul until they snap but she is stoic and handles the pressure very well. I wish she had won the last election. We would be so much better off today.

  • karen

    I’m with you! She’s amazing. And she’s made a real difference in the lives of women and girls around the world.
    I’m probably decades younger than her but I think I’d die if I tried to do as much as she does in a day! It’s great to see her enjoying herself! She works so hard.

  • Ashley

    The only reason people are making a big deal out of these pictures is because she a woman. Lets me honest if a man had a good time who was a high official would this be news? NO! Plus she just had a drink for last then in hour. Can a girl relax from a second from a tough job?

  • frank

    I love Hillary. I voted for her during the primaries even tho all my friends gave me shit because I supported her and not Barack. ( I did vote for Barack in the general election)
    I am still a bit mad at how unfairly she was treated when she was running for president. Hillary has always had a great sense of humor and is cool but for some reason only till now people are catching on.

    • Jenni

      LOVE her and Frank I completely agree! I got so much flak for supporting her but it seems like it’s only now people are beginning to see how awesome she truly is. Better late than never I suppose. It still seems so ridic the “b**ch” title people we’re throwing at her left and right a few years ago though

    • David

      I 110% agree with you. I love Hillary and even donated to her campaign. She should have totally won, if Barack didn’t have any good speech writers he wouldn’t be President. I voted for him too because there was no way in hell I was going to let Sarah Palin in office
      I hope she runs after Barack is out of office.

  • Sarah

    Love love love her!!! It broke my heart when she didn’t win the primary and I completely agree she is getting shit for this b/c shes a woman. Thank you Trent for posting and sharing your feelings about Hillary! I have been a reader for 5 yrs and I love your posts! (also love all the wonderful comments in this post!!) thanks for always staying positive!

  • I’m Colombian and whenever new American friends were brought over for a house party they were always warned. They still ended up totally drunk but thanking my family for a fantastic time… It happens. Glad she had fun in Cartagena.

  • Leah

    Love love love her!