Debra Messing Poses Nude For ‘Allure’ Magazine


May’s issue of Allure magazine has a ‘Look Better Naked’ photo spread, and famed celebrity photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, has captured some of our fave female celebs posing completely nude. The pictorial is black and white and stunning IMHO. Check out the gorgeous Debra Messing’s photo spread and watch the E! News video which chats to Debra about what it was like posing naked for the first time. Put it this way, she needed some liquid help to calm her nerves.

Debra looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I think. The Smash actress is wearing nothing but some jewelery as she lounges on a rumpled bed. She has found a great balance between seductive and serious in her stare. It is hard to believe that she was nervous when you look at these photos, but Debra has revealed that she was terrified, as this was the first time she had ever posed naked for a photo shoot. She looks like a seasoned professional.

Check out Deb, and the other women, on E!News’ story about the Allure nude photo spread. These women are seriously brave, and they talk about the challenges and down right fears associated with stripping down to NOTHING. What do you think of this photo spread for Allure magazine?


  • Jess

    Isn’t that first photo maria menounos?

    • nicole

      im pretty sure it is

    • it isn’t Debra

    • Yes, you’re right, it was Maria. Both Maria and Debra posed for the Allure photo spread. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • rOXy

      I’ve seen other sources and all of them identify this photo as Debra. Even though Yahoo isn’t the best source it does show the other pictures:

    • @rOXy — Yes, this is Debra Messing. A photo of Maria Menounous was accidentally posted as well (hence all the comments) and has since been removed ;)

  • meagan

    I had the same thought!

  • Megan

    I see Debra in it. It’s gorgeous.

    • @Megan — Both Debra and Maria look gorgeous so this post is full of WIN!

  • Meg

    I just don’t understand how Debra can cheat on her husband with a co-star, leave her current husband and it’s okay but everyone hates on LeAnne. I think they are both equally reprehensible.

    • Ella

      @Meg-I read that Messing’s marriage was over before she even started seeing her co-star and she and her soon to be ex are even still living together for their son so they can make a smoother transition for him.
      I think people are more prone to overlook celebrity cheating when the parties involved are pretty ie-Brangelina. Leanne is skeletal and gross looking and Cibrian just gives off a douchy skeazy vibe-at least to me.
      That’s their personal lives though. I think that’s a huge problem for celebs. They make one wrong move and that’s who they are despite all the other work and positive things they do.

    • JCZ

      So in other words, you’re one of the haters?