Taylor Momsen From ‘The Pretty Reckless’ Looks Pretty Wrecked After Her Gig In Poughkeepsie


A few days ago we heard about how Taylor Momsen, the frontwoman for The Pretty Reckless, was involved in Marilyn Manson’s performance of The Dope Show. Today she is looking more like her trainwreck alter ego, Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl, during that crazy phase she went through back in the third season. The singer was photographed after a performance in Poughkeepsie, New York, on Saturday and she looks well.. pretty wrecked, in a little bit of a trainwreck sense of the word. She was snapped smoking a cigarette and signing autographs with her makeup smudged down her face and her outfit, ahem.. check the pics out for yourself.

Taylor is definitely a rock chick, and previously she has carried off the look well, with equal parts grunge and class. Today however I think the grunge has taken over and there is nothing classy or even remotely put together about her here. Her signature smokey eye makeup now looks trashy on her IMHO. These pics actually look like she could be smoking something stronger than just plain old cigarettes. I’m just saying. I am also not a big fan of the look she is sporting… the long braids, checked flannel shirt over black lingerie converted into dress. This is definitely not her best look. I hope that Taylor hasn’t taken the rock image and lifestyle too far. Am I being too hard on her? What do you think of Taylor in these pics?


  • Claire

    To each their own.

  • Amarie

    I miss the old Taylor. I think she took on the “rock” lifestyle a little too early in her life. It still amazes me that she’s the same girl from Gossip Girl, she changed so fast and dramatically! I do think she looks like a mess here but nothing I haven’t seen on her before. And the creepy men around her? Ew.

  • Erin

    She just finished performing I’d give her a break. She’s great live and loves talking to fans. Musicians wear weird stuff it’s part of the persona

  • Jessicagiovanna

    I don’t like it but I’m not a fan.. I don’t know.. After that weird thing she did with marilyn manson on stage and the satanic tshirts she wears.. Not my cup of tea

    • @Jessicagiovanna — Hey, don’t blame Satan. I blame Gossip Girl.

  • Alys

    Alter ego? Yeah, this is pretty much Taylor as she is. Her parents are about as responsible as Lindsay Lohan’s.

  • nicole

    It looks like she just came off stage. Nothing wrong here

  • Michele

    To me is just looks like she is tired and sweaty from performing a rock show. Smoking is gross, but she doesn’t seem out of control or anything to me.

  • Claire

    I really strongly dislike Taylor. I’ve always been into the “rock” scene, and I had my goth phase, but come on. 90% of the time she dresses like a hooker, and I don’t know if her being so young makes it better or worse. I just roll my eyes every time I see her. Nothing bugs me more than her attitude, though. She is a total brat.

  • Jessicagiovanna


  • Nathan

    The only time she’s had class is when Gossip Girl stylists dressed her for the show. She has never pulled of grunge and class at the same time. Unless you meant grunge and trash, in which case, spot on!

  • karen

    Melissa, you have these 3 posts in a short period of time all critiquing women’s appearances – Katy’s hair, Halle’s dress, and Taylor’s overall look. It’s such a let-down to come to this blog and read that kind of judgmental viewpoint. Even your positive posts about Hillary Duff are of the same theme — your judgment about how a woman looks. You approve of Hillary; you disapprove of these other three. This hypercritical eye toward women is everywhere else; can we please not also have it on this blog now?

    • Vanessa

      well said! Everyone is such a great critic but they need to look at themselves and ask why they are this way. I’m so sick of girls bashing other girls all the time.

  • YepYep

    Stealing some of the snarkiness towards females from the DailyMail writers are we? Her makeup does not appear to be “smudged down her face” at all, same raccoon lining she always does, and she’s been dressing like this for years while performing with her band. Nothing new, just normal Taylor doing her thing.