Kelsey Grammer Gets His First Tattoo Of His Wife’s Name On His Hip


He is not the first person you would guess to be getting a tattoo, but Kelsey Grammer has just got his very first tattoo and he has chosen to ink his wife’s name on his right hip. One of the tattoo artists tweeted the pic of Kelsey in the chair as he was getting the work done. Check it out..

Kelsey is not someone I thought would be a tattoo person. While it is sweet that 57 year old Kelsey chose to get the word “Kayte” tattooed to his hip to symbolize his wife, Kayte Walsh, I am still surprised by the fact that he has one, and on his hip of all places. The Frasier and Boss star just always seemed like a lovely mature, if not a bit boring, man. I am impressed that he is doing something out of character and pushing our opinion of him, but I do wonder if this is a mid-life crisis? Also, what do you think of a man having a tattoo on his hip?


  • shannon

    And in doing this, he just guaranteed that this marriage will meet the same fate as his previous three.

  • kelly

    it’s like harrison ford and the earring!

  • Z

    Just b/c he plays stodgy old characters on TV doesn’t mean he is one. After all, it sounds like he had quite a lot of drama going on in his personal (i.e. married life)! Didn’t he cheat on the previous wife w/ Kayte?

  • cmc

    I’m not bothered by the location of the tattoo…but that’s going to be expensive to remove once he cheats on Kayte and has to give her half his fortune when she leaves him.

  • Meghan

    Isn’t this his fourth wife? When you are on your forth marriage you don’t get a tattoo. The odds of it lasting are very small.

  • Shannon

    This seems so creepy to me. But I guess he feels like fourth time is the charm?

  • LStu

    Say it with me now……….”mid-life crisis”

  • bosie

    Its a tattoo…who cares how old he is. I think its cool he obviously is ready for it! COOL!!

  • Jessicagiovanna

    If he were my hombre (excuse me while I puke).. I’d suggest upper arm or on chest, not hip..

  • Amarie

    The hip? I bet that was HER idea so that whenever he goes to cheat on her and he drops his drawers, there’s his wife’s name! Kinda smart of her but at the same time, whoever is going to get busy with him will already know he’s married so it really won’t matter. Like that skank that tried to say she doesn’t watch tv or read and had no idea Ashton Kutcher was married. PUHLEASE bitch.

    And @Cmc– you took the words right outta my mouth.

  • Serena

    Did he not learn from Johnny Depp’s mistake?? Johnny had to have his “Wionna Forever” tat adjusted to say “Wino Forever” when he and Wionna broke up. Granted Johnny and Wionna were not married but it’s gotta suck when you tatoo your sweetheart’s name on your body and it ends. I do hope 4 times the charm for Kelsey tho. :-)

  • David

    A “lovely mature” man? “Seemed?” Since when was this? Because all of the entertainment blogs I’ve read, such as Pink Is The New Blog, have told me otherwise. C’Mon.

  • just ew!

  • Katie

    Gag me! I could have happily lived the rest of my life w/out having to see this tool with his pants pulled half way down. Excuse me while I go wash my eyes out…

  • Nat

    Are you certain it’s her name?With his track record it should be-‘STOP-put your pants back on and get your ass home’.

  • cinner

    Ohhh that placement was so her idea.