Katy Perry’s Signature Blue Hair Is Now Purple


Katy Perry debuted a new hair color this weekend at Coachella festival. She has been sporting a bright blue hair hue for months now, and today we get to see Katy with a new color. She has dyed her hair a shade of dark purple. We saw a pic of Fergie at Coachella earlier today and now we see another celeb soaking up the sun and music at the spring festival. Katy, like Fergie, has also gone for a relaxed, hippie look. Check out her new look…

In the past year, Katy has dyed her almost all the shades of the rainbow. She has had black, blonde and bubblegum pink. Now her locks are an indigo shade. After she unveiled her bright aqua hair in January of this year, her colorist Rita Hazan said, “She wanted to go this particular color blue for a few weeks now. Katy is the ideal client because she loves to be creative and unpredictable with her look.”

I personally loved seeing Katy with her hair a dark brown shade, like she had on the cover of Interview magazine. She looked stunning in those photos, almost like a version of Megan Fox. I know that the bright hair is a signature Katy thing now, but I am still not a massive fan. What do you think of her purple hue?


  • ClaireMichelle

    I like the purple better than the blue. But, meh…

  • Kelly

    Ozzy Osbourne called…

  • nicole

    Bitch stole my look from a year ago. I had the same colour. How rude.
    But i like the darker colours on her. Suits her better. I think dark brown/black is best on her.

  • Will

    I liked the pale pink/lavender color she had before. That one was cute.

  • Amarie

    I liked her short blonde/pinkish hair. It made her eyes POP. And I loved the black. But I hated the blue and I don’t like this either. I notice she got extensions too.

    And @Charlotte — quit spamming!

  • Shannon

    It reminds me of when I was 16 and kept changing my hair after my hs breakups

    • christmastadoes

      This is what I was thinking! What’s with the regression lol, I thought we’re supposed to get better with age.

  • Louigi

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Ama

    My hair use to be blue…a lot, mainly during middle school, I think it was that shade too. I remember the first time I dyed it blue I took a shower to wash it, not a good idea. After my elder brothers called me a smurf until it faded from my skin. Yep.

    Anyway it’s hair color, it will fade eventually. That’s the fun thing about hair-color, cut, style’ nothing about it is permanet.

  • Sandy

    Just walk into a middle school or your local Hot Topic and you’ll see the same thing.

  • Jackie

    It’s fun. I had fire red hair a few yrs ago, then a dark green. It fades over time, so why not have fun with your hair while you’re I think Katy looks pretty with it & it fits her personality. My friends & I are in our 30’s & we dye our hair blue, purple, pink etc…It’s NYC so no one cares here.

  • Jackie

    Ooops! I meant *while you’re young.

  • ellobie

    It’s way better than the turquoise!

  • PixiesBassline

    I just hope she can keep up with her roots. They show so easily with blue and purple – especially if they’re light. It bugged the hell out of me when she had it blue and was showing root growth in every picture.