Halle Berry Wears Leopard Print Lingerie Dress To Charity Gala


Halle Berry is not without controversy the past few months. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Halle and her parenting and romantic choices. That aside for a moment, she attended the Jenesse Silver Rose Gala last night in Beverly Hills for the Jenesse Center, which provides support and care to victims of domestic violence. Halle first started working for them in 1997 as part of a community service program (remember that hit and run incident?) but she felt so connected to the work they do that she has stuck around for the past 15 years, and become a bit of a spokesperson for the non profit organization. At last night’s event Halle wore a leopard print, super fitted, and cleavage-bearing Dolce & Gabbana dress. Was this an appropriate choice for the charity gala?

There is no doubt that Halle looks amazing in the dress. She has a killer body and this fitted dress shows off her curves, but when I first saw the pics I was wondering what kind of party it was. When I noticed that it was a charity gala for the Jenesse Center, I did wonder whether this was an appropriate fashion choice. I think in this case, especially given that it is an organization about the poignant, relevant and highly serious issue of domestic violence, a slightly more conservative and serious fashion choice would have been better. What do you think? She is still sporting that bright emerald BLING on her left ring finger too. Hmm..


  • Jessicagiovanna


  • Alyssa

    I don’t really see a problem with it. Yes, it’s loud, but big deal. I think the focus should be on the charity itself and the work they do. Focusing on her dress defeats the purpose.

  • Nat

    What the heck was she supposed to wear-a mumu?By making her choice of dress an issue,you are saying that the only way to represent an organization like this is to dress subdued and un-provocative.Too many women are assaulted,by spouse,boyfriend or stranger, and their choice of dress is all too often given as the excuse.

  • Ella

    I’m with Alyssa and Nat. That anyone is talking about the “appropriateness” of her dress detracts from the serious and good work that is being done. We hear all too often about women “inviting” assault and rape because they were dressed provocatively. There is no reason why she shouldn’t dress anyway she likes!

  • nicole

    No she shouldnt have worn it. Not because of event, but because its ugly

    • Bea

      Ding ding ding!!!

    • Ben@pr

      I’m with both of you!!! LOL

  • Claire

    I think the dress is fine, I mean, it’s Hollywood. Very Flintstones of her, though.

  • Dora

    Haha you’re right, this totally looks like one of the outfits she wears in the Flintstones movie.

    But I agree, focusing on her outfit choice is not necessary. She is attending a great event and supporting an important charity, that’s all that matters.

  • Chris

    this girl looks amazing in everything she wears, she has great taste

  • JCZ

    No problem here – I see nothing provocative about it. A woman’s cleavage is not new… I actually haven’t seen any ‘controversy’ surrounding this so called newsworthy story.

    If this was an all black attire, no one would have a problem. I feel you’ve seen a leopard print, which is not offensive, but at a charity event and decided to create something that is not.

    If this was Lady Gaga and wearing something disgusting and tasteless, no one would be ‘up in arms’ because she is ‘about fashion’ apparently. Move on..

  • bee

    Uh yeah… I’m with the other commenters. Who cares? You’re publicly detracting from the message of this organization and their charity event because you’re not sure her dress is “appropriate”?

    I think your comments and question about her attire are the only inappropriate thing in this article! You’re quite obviously connecting her “provocative” dress with the institute she is there to support; implying that a woman’s choice of clothing has something to do with domestic violence?????

    Disgusting article, opinion and OBVIOUS implications, Melissa. I’m disappointed in you as a woman and public writer. Get out of the ’50s.
    Why in the world does the organization and her dress have anything to do with each other???

    • Katie

      I totally agree. I thought when I pulled up the picture that the dress was going to be see-through or something. Way to make a big deal out of absolutely nothing and totally detract from her being out to support a good cause.

  • LV

    Seriously, this is all you have to write about?

  • Vanessa

    how is this lingerie?

  • c-word

    yea – when i read the headline “halle berry wears leopard print lingerie dress to charity gala” i was almost expecting to see her in a nighty or something… yea, the dress is tight, but she can freaking rock it. flaunt it while you got it, girl!

  • YepYep

    I think I may take her more seriously if she were to wear something not as red carpet ready, I guess. Looks like she’s promoting a movie, not lending a hand to promoting a charity. I’m not sure the implication was that she’s inappropriately inviting ogling with her cleavage….I think the implication was that for a charity event maybe she could’ve not treated it like a red carpet event. Makes her look more vain than inspired by why she’s there. The level of class in this outfit takes away from the seriousness of the event. Maybe a killer pantsuit would’ve been a sharp thing to wear.