Garbage ROCKS Las Vegas


Darion and I made our way to Las Vegas, NV early yesterday afternoon so that we could see Garbage in concert for the 4th time this week (yes, yes … a bit crazy, I know). To be honest, LV isn’t really my scene but I will happily make the trek into the desert to see my fave bands in concert. Only folks like Nine Inch Nails, Kylie Minogue and Garbage can ensure that I’ll make the trip. We spent our afternoon hanging out in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace and then it was TIME TO ROCK with Garbage! As usual, I managed to get some fun photos … which you can check out below.

Once again, Garbage changed up the setlist a bit and they sounded really fucking fantastic in the Pearl Theater at the Palms Hotel and Casino. I really love that venue because it’s big but not too big. The sound is big and they have jumbotrons — the better to see Shirley Manson even more close up than close up. I can’t even tell you how much fun Darion and I have had with the band in the last week. We’ve enjoyed personal interactions with the band and Shirley especially that mean so much to the both of us. Alas, this is our last show for a while. The band are heading farther East and then will be playing festivals in Europe before they return to SoCal in June (and beyond?). I’m certain the band will do more West Coast dates on the second leg of the tour so D and I are looking forward to more Garbage shows hopefully soon. For now, we can still look forward to the release of the band’s new album Not Your Kind of People, which hits stores on May 15. People, if Garbage are coming anywhere in your vague vicinity, you MUST see them LIVE in concert. Trust me … you will have the time of your LIFE!

Darion and I will be flying back to LA later today … but not before we enjoy a wee bit more of what Sin City has to offer. Here is just a sampling of some of the fabulous culture that exists here in LV:

These photos pretty much say it all. Darion and I did have a fun day yesterday, a fucking fantastic time last night and are looking forward to more fun today. I hope YOU are having a great Sunday!

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Fab you had a great time.The f word was not needed since I hope that was not part of the fun for sake of David.Great pics thou.

  • Dclover

    Wow, that third pic is just amazing, lol! I wonder if future kiddos you & David might have will appreciate your huge music collection & concert stories…