Newly Engaged Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie May Reunite On The Screen Again In ‘The Counselor’


Yesterday we heard the HUGE news that Brangelina are engaged to be married. Today we have learned that Brad and Ange are not only be getting married, but they may be starring on screen together again, going back to their roots. The story of Brangelina began on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, and now they may be back on the screen together in Ridley Scott’s new movie, The Counselor alongside a potentially massive A-list cast.

The Counselor is based on the script from the award winning author Cormac McCarthy, who wrote the brilliant, No Country For Old Men. It tells the story of a lawyer who also happens to dabble in the underbelly world of drug dealing, but of course, this has pretty serious and in this case, disastrous, consequences. The actor playing the role of the two faced lawyer has already been decided. Michael Fassbender has signed onto this role, and now they are looking to fill out the rest of the cast. You might recognize Mr Fassbender from the intense, either pornographic or artsy (depending how you view sex) movie, Shame. Given this, I already have some preconceived ideas about what this character will be like. It is an interesting casting choice.

Back to Brangelina though, according to Deadline, Ange is in talks to play the female lead although nothing has been confirmed yet. There have also been reports earlier in the week that Angelina may be making a cameo appearance in the film, so it is all a bit up in the air still. As for Brad, he apparently is up for a villain role alongside Javier Bardem and Jeremy Renner. Javier is definitely an expert villain, considering he won an Oscar for his role playing one in No Country For Old Men. Deadline is saying that Brad could appear in addition to Javier but it isn’t clear what his role would be. Apparently, they want both actors, and are on the verge of signing both.

There are also rumors about Natalie Portman attached to this new movie, but everything is still not finalized. This would be a pretty huge win for Ridley Scott if he scored not only Brad and Ange but Javier Bardem as well and Natalie Portman. What a cast! They are calling the movie, “No Country For Old Men on steroids” so I am pretty excited about this. I would also just love to see a Brangelina back on screen together. And… this time, they would really be Mr and Mrs. Ha!

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