Jean Paul Gaultier Has Designed The Latest Diet Coke Bottle


Earlier this week we heard that fashion extraordinaire Jean Paul Gaultier is designing the costumes for our dear, Madonna’s MDNA world tour. Well, Jean Paul has also been busy designing the new Coke Light bottle. I’m sure you’re all wondering what a Gaultier–designed Coke bottle looks like..well, it looks a lot like his sexy torso-shaped perfume bottles. The designer’s collaboration with major brand, Coca Cola, culminated in a big party in Paris, where he unveiled his limited-edition sodas. Check out the pics of the Gaultier Coke bottle and the FUN promo pics. LOVE!

I love these photos because you can really see Jean Paul Gaultier’s personality shine through. He posed for lots of photos with the Cokes on his head like antennae! I’ve never met JP, but I’d love to, I just think he would be so hilarious. There are two designs of the limited edition white Diet Cokes one featuring his signature sailor stripes (like his Le Male scent bottle) and the other with a woman’s corset (like his Classique perfume bottle). He is also meant to be coming out with a third bottle this summer featuring tattoos.

I really love these limited edition bottles. I used the Jean Paul Gaultier scent for years. Admittedly, I have switched over to a new fragrance more recently, but I still love his classic smell, and the torso corset bottles are so iconic. Diet Coke has definitely done some clever branding over the last few years, and this just adds to their image as a sexy drink. What do you think of Diet Coke teaming up with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier?

Here are some of the FUN promo pics… LOVE ‘EM!!

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  • Megsterg

    Where will you be able to buy them? My first thought was, well I know they would never sell that corset one on shelves in America. Isn’t that sad.

  • Amarie

    Cute! :) I wanna know too.

  • Dot

    I love them! Jean Paul Gaultier is my favourite designer ever!

  • val

    I bought these as a christmas present for my son hey came from Harvey Nichols