‘Californication’ May Be Preparing For A Spinoff Series From A New Character


Inside TV is reporting that the producers of Californication are planning a spinoff series from their main show and have created a new character, who will feature heavily next season, with an eye to leading him/her into a stand-alone show. We haven’t met the new character, but we do now know her name (yes, it’s a she) and a little bit about her. Intrigued?

The sixth season will introduce “Faith.” She’s in her mid-to-late 20s, and described as “what happens when an innocent young Catholic school girl is exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it.” Faith has been on the road with various bands for years and is considered a muse by some elite artists. Though she has a fondness for sex, drugs and rock and role, she remains quite religious. Faith has a nine-episode arc next season, which will premiere in 2013. At this early stage, the spinoff is by no means assured. First the producers will have to cast the right actress, then the role must connect with viewers.

I am glad to hear that they aren’t ensuring a spinoff of this new character before she has even arrived on the set. I know that using new actors to launch into stand alone shows is a bit of a trend at the moment (NCIS and Bones both did this) but it does still feel strange to me. IMHO, the whole idea of a spinoff is that it is based on a character that is so loved and well known that they warrant their own series because the audience wants it. It just feels odd to me to plan a spinoff from a character that hasn’t even surfaced yet. A newbie will probably have a hard time connecting with the audience in one season so I do wonder how this will work. Maybe they will try and nab a well known and already pre-loved actress for the role of Faith. Hmm..


  • Marlene

    I sure hope they are not going to push the main characters of Californication into the background to try and promote this new possible spin off. I would be pretty angry about that. Especially if this was the last season for Cali. For sure, if they did do that i would not tune in to the new series even if it was picked up