Ben Affleck And Justin Timberlake To Star In New Thriller ‘Runner, Runner’


We have learned today via Variety that Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake are going to star in a new dramatic thriller called Runner, Runner. JT recently starred in In Time opposite Amanda Seyfried and has reportedly already signed onto the new movie, while Ben is in final negotiations. We don’t know much yet about the film, except that it is set within a $30 billion world of illegal online gambling. Oh, and Leo DiCaprio is producing.

The movie will be directed by Brad Furman who did Lincoln Lawyer, and one of the producers is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. The topic of offshore online gambling is seriously relevant and interesting, and I have the feeling it could take an Ocean’s Eleven type of approach, but that is just my hunch. We don’t know enough about the new movie to make a real call about casting or whether this is one to get excited about, but look, it’s Ben and JT, and Leo is on board. In my opinion, that is enough to start getting excited. I actually think that Ben and Justin could have great chemistry together. What do you think about this duo together?

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  • Megan

    I’m a little worried. Yes they are big names, but that doesn’t always bode well. Ben Affleck is what scares me. He use to be amazing, but he hasn’t excited me lately

    • CHASE

      Justin Timberlake is the one who should scare you! He’s impressed me in “The Social Network” because he did a solid (keyword: solid) job. But, for the most part, he’s so wooden with his acting.

  • sals

    justin timberlake should be banned from movies. he’s so bad. i cringe everytime i see him in a movie/scene…UGHHHH…go back to making music!

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Can people stop putting justin timberlake in movies… please.. I avoid anything he is in bc he sucks, he can’t act.

    • @Jessicagiovanna — “I avoid anything he is in bc he sucks, he can’t act.” Honestly, I do the same.

    • Stevona

      If you avoid his movies then how can you say he sucks as a actor? Apparently he’s good at what he does otherwise he wouldn’t be cast in so movies. One idea for people who think he sucks as a actor don’t see the movie:)

    • @Stevona — I avoid his movies based on the acting performances I’ve seen thus far. Based on the performance of his lead role in ‘In Time’, it sounds like many other folks avoid his movies as well. He is great on things like SNL but he really can’t carry a movie. He prolly has a couple more flops left before his movie career is over. He could improve tho but from what I’ve seen already, I have no interest in finding out if he can improve his acting anymore.

  • Stevona

    In Time did fairly well in the box office and not all the reviews for his performance was negative. I’m looking forward to the movie he is filming with Clint Eastwood .

  • karen

    Personally, I’ve never seen Ben have chemistry with anyone. Except Matt in Good Will Hunting.

    I haven’t seen Justin in a movie (nope, never saw Social Network), but I think maybe he should try a comedy. He is hilarious on SNL. Every time he’s on, he makes the skits he’s in much funnier than they’d be without him.