Watch: James Franco ‘Performs’ Rihanna’s Song ‘You Da One’


Earlier in the week, we saw video of actor James Franco “performing” his rendition of Love You Like a Love Song by his Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez. Today we learn that James is also a fan of the Rihanna song You Da One … so much so that he recorded another video performance. James posted this latest video on his official Who Say page and altho it’s a bit grainier than the earlier video, it’s still just as entertaining … I think. Check it out.

James Franco on WhoSay

I’m not sure but … it’s possible that James is under the influence of … something … in this video. HMMM. Any guess what other songs he might like to “cover” in the future? I know I’d love to see more.


  • Jas

    I have unconditional amour for the man. He looks like he is a very happy individual- positive vibes emanate from him.

  • rOXy

    Franco is Franco no matter what he is doing and I heart him so. <3

  • Mela

    Every time he does some shenanigan like this I think “Where the f was that during the Oscars?”

  • suemey

    He thinks he is steve kardynal lol