Selena Gomez Is Releasing Her Own Celebrity Fragrance


Justin Bieber has his own perfume, so why shouldn’t his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Because the world could use yet, another, celebrity fragrance, Selena is getting in on the celebrity scent game. Thus far, we don’t know what Selena’s perfume is called but thanks to some photos shared by Gomez herself, we know what the bottle looks like. Click below to get your first look at Selena’s new smell.

I don’t love the bottle, to be honest but, then again, I am not the target audience. The bouquet of lips looks weird but it’s a unique bottle. I imagine that Selena’s first perfume will smell sweet, innocent and untouched … just like her. I mean, she’s all those things … right? The real question is how does Selena’s smell mix with Justin’s perfume smell? I guess it’ll take an industrious Justena fan to wear them both to find out. As for the as-yet-untitled fragrance, what do YOU think it should be called? Any clever ideas?


  • ClaireMichelle

    Not loving the bottle but it seems PERFECT for her target audience. When I was thirteen this bottle would have been hot stuff! Haha. Good for her, though.

  • Megsterg

    The bottle itself isn’t that bad actually, its just the lips that make it look ridiculous. It’ll probably be called candy lips or sweet kisses or something stupid.

  • nicole

    i kind of like the bottle. i dont mind the top, but it would be better if it was toned down or maybe just one big set of lips?

  • sals

    yay, more synthetic fragrances to slather onto our skin and expose us to god knows what type of chemicals.

  • Iheartaustin

    Maybe Kiss and Tell?? That was the name of her first album…

    • lucy

      luv the name kiss nd tell :)

  • PetaF

    @Megsterd – “sweet kisses or something stupid” that totally made me laugh hahaha.

    Im not a big fan of celeb fragrances I Ted to find them quite tacky for some reason.. Love Selena though! She is a great role model for young girls

  • rOXy

    I can just see this on a teenager’s vanity along with all the other bubblegum pop items. Would be awesome if they thought to have it blend with JB’s. Does anyone think these celebrities actually wear their own fragrances?

  • Courtney

    I love that bottle actually and besides Stars have been doing this kind of thing for more than a quarter of a century but Dame Elizabeth Taylor did it first. @Roxy some of them do I Know for a fact that Mariah Carey wears all of her fragrances for different occasions and has a new one coming out this year and Jessica Simpson has also admitted to waring her fragrances as has Jennifer Lopez.

  • Ama

    I can’t wear/use perfum, it’s too strong for me to wear and always gives me a headache, even the ‘light’ ones.

    But I like Selena Gomez and think the bottle is a unique one, which is good. definitely something that will appeal to her targeted audience.

  • -A

    i Love selena gomez.Shes a great role model and is my role model. im fourteen. im sure the perfume is gonna spell fruity and sweet which ill love. I like the bottle the only thing i dont like is tht top becuase it makes it look alittle weird. but im deff getting it! i love selena ! number one fan here (:

  • kayla

    i love th bottle and i think the name will be something cool
    like the love within of sensual

    • kayla

      the love within sounds cool

  • love

    who here is a virgin?? im not sex feels sooo good you should try it the boys penis feels awesome

  • maria

    it nice that selean gomez has a perfume