Mark Wahlberg Gets Loved Up On The Beach


I know that we’ve seen a lot of Mark Wahlberg pics this week, but I had to show you these, they’re just too sweet. As you probably know, Mark has been down in Florida filming his new movie, Pain and Gain, in which he plays a bodybuilder so we have seen lots of pics of him working out. Mark and his family have also made a bit of a vacation out of him being in Miami so we have seen pics of him hitting up the beaches. Today there are great photos of Mark and his wife, Rhea Durham, and their kids Ella, Michael, and Brendan hanging out as a family on Miami beach. Check out the gorgeous pics of Mark and Rhea kissing in the water, and also cute little 3 year old Brendan hanging onto his dad. Aww.. love.

I know, I know, I’ve already said it.. but check out those pecs on Mark. He has seriously gone huge, hasn’t he? He is totally starting to look like a real bodybuilder, and I think his wife, Rhea, likes him this way. They have certainly still got chemistry if these pics are anything to go by. Little Breandan is pretty damn adorable too. What a cutie! I’ve never been a huge Mark Wahlberg fan but after all these sweet family pics we’ve seen recently I’m now totally into him and his cute clam.


  • dc

    “I’m totally into him and his cute clam”…. Best. Typo. Ever. :)

    • haha yes! and, I’m going to leave it :)

    • dc

      hahaha awesome. that makes my whole day!

    • @dc — I’m distracted by the moobs.

  • yoga girl

    sooo funny! as a surgical resident, whenever someone’s spouse called the hospital (male or female) we would all shout “Clam Call!” Keep it! It’s perfect!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is so damn HAWT!!!! Damn,

  • CraigG

    Marky Mark ! Boogie Nights Boy Wonder and who could forget his Calvin Klein Campaign !

  • Jason

    I’m just waiting for the baby to try to get some dinner out of those moobs.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    I cannot stand the homophobic grunch.All of a sudden now he is “squeaky clean” but his record in Boston is longer than a mile for selling drugs on the streets.He probably have paid the courts in Massachusetts to have is expunged,but is there and his anti-gay position is known everywhere.Imbecile.

  • Zeke

    He seriously needs a bra!
    Hot as hell anyway