‘Magic Mike’ Releases Thongless New Promo Photos


Back in January we got to see a batch of new photos from the upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike. Today, we get to see a couple more photos … but, I must warn you … there’s not a lot of stripping going on. Yes, we do get to see some hot man chest flesh but for a film about stripping males, we’ve yet to see anything even closely resembling a thong. HMMM. Click below to see the new photos and feast your eyes … on as much as you can.

Leave it to a bunch of male strippers to know the art of the tease. Because Warner Brothers has released new pictures from the summer stripper flick Magic Mike and we expected to see skin, skin and more skin from Channing Tatum and his mantastic costars. Instead, we got velvet, leather and…well, a lot more clothes than expected! So is this enough to hold you over until the main show? Or are you starting to feel totally turned off? We’re still in it for the long run (duh)!—after all, we only have to wait until summer to see it all. The first picture released shows all the man candy on stage—that’d be Channing along with Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Joe Manganiello—right as their number is beginning. We can’t quite tell if there’s a particular theme to this routine, but…who cares?! Especially since, if those ties on Tatum and Bomer are any indication, the routine ends in full on ab glory (you certainly peeped the more gratuitous shot Entertainment Weekly released earlier this year, yes?). The other picture is of Channing and Matthew McConaughey (who previously did Uncle Sam proud in a shirtless, patriotic pic) hitting the books over a few drinks. And, suffice it to say, there’s no dude thongs in sight.

Yeah, I’m pretty bummed, too. I can’t say that I’m turned off or no longer interested but … c’mon, can’t they throw us a bone (pardon the pun)? But, I suppose, stripping is really about the art of the tease … and we are being teased here. I had to enlarge and lighten up Joe Manganiello cuz they tried to hide him in the dark. I just hope that all of this teasing will be worth it. I’m really counting on Magic Mike to deliver the goods when it hits theaters this Summer.


  • nicole

    i cant wait for this movie lol

  • tvpam

    Saw a screening about a month ago. It’s terrible. The music and stripping scenes are fun but it’s mostly awful.

    • jeremy

      but does it have the makings to be a cult classic a la Showgirls?