Madonna Launches Her ‘Truth Or Dare’ Fragrance In NYC


Madonna made an appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC, NY for the official launch of her first ever fragrance Truth or Dare. The event was nothing short of a massive spectacle. A red carpet was put in place, a huge VIP tent was erected and a select audience was allowed access to her Madgesty’s hallowed presence. Madonna opened herself up to questions and was asked a variety of questions … including if she prefers “cut or uncut”. Maddy assumed the question related to sandwiches and revealed that she likes them cut. Bless her heart. Click below to watch video of Madonna’s entire Q&A session in NYC in full.

The video starts out a bit blurry but it clears up and zooms in at about the 4:30 mark. Honestly, it’s a very decent video even when it’s blurry. Check it out:

I love this side of Madonna. She is just really fun when she opens herself up to fans in this way. First she answered questions on Twitter, then she did it in person. I hope she continues to do more events like this. I just love how adeptly she handles questions intended to throw her off ;)

OH and by the way … do YOU prefer cut or uncut?

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • rOXy

    Have you smelled her new perfume? Anyone?

    • @rOXy — I saw the display at Macy’s but they didn’t have a tester available. I wanted to give it a sniff.

    • PixiesBassline

      I got a tester of her perfume and LOVE it. I think it’s something you either love or hate. It starts off VERY white floral – almost overwhelming. But then it simmers down into this creamy vanilla/amber smell that lasts and lasts.
      It changes from one thing to another. I think it’s awesome.

  • i like my sandwiches uncut, thank you.

  • Leena

    I actually work for the company that developed the Madonna fragrance and the scent is very nice. Very light and classic; it’s not a crazy scent at all but very wearable.