Jennifer Lopez Announces Her First World Tour


Great news, Jennifer Lopez fans … homegirl is going on tour … at last! J. Lo has been putting out music for many years now but has never embarked on a world tour. Back when her music career was SUPERHOT (you know, the Jenny from the Block days), J. Lo decided to forego supporting her music career with a tour in lieu of supporting her acting career. FINALLY, she is making time to go on tour … and I’m not afraid to admit that I am very excited by this news.

Get ready, world! Jennifer Lopez is preparing to announce her first-ever world tour, Celebuzz has exclusively learned. Fresh from the pulsating release of her latest single, ‘Dance Again,’ with Cuban rapper Pitbull (whom Lopez collaborated with on the 2011 hit ‘On the Floor’), the 42-year-old superstar will perform a grueling schedule of more than 60 tour dates, kicking things off in South America, in June. That figure is likely to increase when tour promoter AEG completes the list. The Puerto Rican diva is expected to hold a press conference to unveil the global jaunt as soon as next week — tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 16 — a source with knowledge of the tour confirmed, but who spoke to Celebuzz on the condition on anonymity. “J.Lo and her team have blocked out more than a month of their schedules, beginning May 4, to start intense rehearsals, each day, at a sound stage in the Los Angeles area,” the source said. “This will be a huge tour, complete with a lavish set, full band and team of dancers.” The singer’s boyfriend, Casper Smart, is choreographing the tour, the source added. It will include legs in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia; however, many of these dates have yet to be confirmed. The tour will start in the second week of June, in Venezuela, travel to Chile and Argentina, then head to Brazil for three concerts in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Fortaleza, before trekking back to the United States. The U.S. leg will begin in the middle of July; however, more production rehearsals have been scheduled before the journey around the nation, beginning July 4, the source said.

I love EVERYTHING about this … well, except for the news that Casper Smart is supposedly choreographing the show … which sounds like the worst. idea. ever. Still, I have always wanted to see Jennifer Lopez live in concert. I may not be too crazy about her newer music but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE her first few albums. I know I am not alone. Are any of y’all excited by this tour news? Would you shell out the dough to see J. Lo live in concert?


  • nicole

    i’ve seen her in concert, she puts on a good show. i would check out this show, but from what i’ve been reading about it all day, doesnt sound like shes coming to Toronto.

    and who knows – maybe Casper has some tricks and is secretly a really good at choreographing?


    I bet you if JLO would have toured in the early stages of her career, her music career wouldn’t be in the crapper like it is today. I know she really wanted movies and music, but both are kind of in the air.

    • @CHASE — “I bet you if JLO would have toured in the early stages of her career, her music career wouldn’t be in the crapper like it is today” I totally agree with you.

    • kel

      probably…but gotta say, i LOVE the movie Enough! guilty pleasure…plus, Out of Sight? sexy as all get out.