It’s Official! Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt ARE ENGAGED!


UPDATE: Brad Pitt’s manager has confirmed this engagement news as TRUE! Read below for his full statement!!

According to a man named Robert Procop, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged to be married. How does does he know this? Well, he designed the phat diamond ring that she is wearing on her left hand (reportedly with help from Brad Pitt) and he claims to have first hand knowlege that the couple are engaged. Procop’s publicist released an official statement today breaking the news about this engagement ring, which will surely make Brangelina very happy (whether they are actually engaged or not). Read below the statement released by Ropcop’s publicist and see if YOU believe that Angelina and Brad are gettin’ hitched at last.

Robert Procop, The Beverly Hills jeweler and former CEO of Asprey & Garrard (the British jewelry company to the English royal family), confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s designed an engagement ring for Angelina Jolie. A rep for the jeweler says, “I can confirm that, yes, Robert Procop did indeed design an engagement ring for Angelina Jolie, designed in collaboration with Brad Pitt.” Jolie was seen wearing the ring two nights ago on April 11 at a private viewing of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Chinese Galleries. Jolie attended the small gathering with Pitt as well as their son Pax. Neither the ring nor the engagement has been confirmed by Jolie’s representatives at this time, who could not immediately be reached for comment. Procop tells THR: “Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a yearlong collaboration. He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so I was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suite Angelina’s hand. Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution. The side diamonds are specially cut to encirlce her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality.” If Pitt and Jolie truly are engaged — long long hinted at by every tabloid and weekly imaginable — it makes sense that Procop would be the designer who created the ring with Pitt. Procop’s “The Style of Jolie” jewelry collection on his website was designed with the star, and she’s worn a multitude of his pieces on the red carpet, including to this year’s Producer’s Guild Awards. The first funds from Procop’s collaboration with Jolie have been dedicated to the Education Paratnership for Children in Conflict to build a school in Afghanistan. Procop also created pieces of jewelry for Angelina for The Tourist.

HMMM. Stories like this … you never know what to believe. On the one hand, my gut reaction is no … this jeweler is just trying to get some surefire publicity by releasing a statement like this. On the other hand, if he truly has worked with Angelina Jolie before … he could be a very trusted friend and perhaps the couple are allowing him to break their happy news? Who knows. At this point, we only have one guy telling one story. I won’t really believe that the pair are engaged until they say so themselves. What do y’all think? Could Brangelina finally be ready to get married?

UPDATE: It’s TRUE! Brad Pitt’s manager Cynthia Pett-Dante has released a statement confirming that this engagement news is true!!!

“Yes, it’s confirmed. It is a promise for the future and their kids are very happy. There’s no date set at this time.”

Woot! NOW we can celebrate the happy news! I guess all the pressure that Brad and Angelina have been getting from their kids has inspired them to make their relationship more official. I also guess that the couple did allow their jeweler to break the news first (which likely means they got a sweet deal on that ring). I think this is fantastic news! I know many folks have been pulling for these two to get hitched for YEARS! Now that they are officially engaged, we have a big Brangelina wedding to look forward to. The question now becomes … when? Any guesses?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Lets just say if it is true then this fool just ended his career!! Who is going to go back to him if he is selling secrets? They might be engaged but this dback doesn’t know it!

    • beth

      well maybe its like trent says, the couple gave this guy permission to break the news as a favor to him and his business – they sure don’t need or care about it….

  • Shannon

    Seems to me like wearing a traditional engagement ring wouldnt be an Angie thing to do… Maybe he just got her a sick ring to wear

  • ClaireMichelle

    It has been confirmed now by Brad’s manager. They are engaged. Sounds like it will be a long engagement though.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t see them getting married for a long time. The engagement was probably more to appease the kids.

  • AmandaMarie

    It is a legitimate engagement!!!! His manager confirmed it.

    Congrats I guess.

  • Amarie

    I’ve felt like they’ve been engaged for the last 7 years lol. I won’t be excited until I see the wedding pics in People!

  • Amarie

    Which will probably be in Nambia or somewhere like that lol.

  • Meghan

    Good for them. Although, it’s just a formality at this point since they have lots of kids, houses, pets, etc. They have acted married for the last seven years! I’m sure their kids are excited.

  • Amy

    “I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country had the right to get married. We live in this great country that is about freedom. It is defined by our freedom and equality and yet we allow this discrimination to go on everyday and that’s not what we’re about – that’s not what makes us great. Until that is reversed, I just don’t get it.” – Brad Pitt

    Uh huh.

    • @Amy — People change their minds, especially when children are involved. I would never hold anyone to a statement like this. It’s a very nice sentiment and I believe that he meant every word when he made that comment initially but, again, things change. This is happy news, let’s be happy about it rather than get distracted by negativity.

    • Amy

      No negativity, just wish that heterosexual couples would stop saying that they’re waiting for everyone to get the right to marry when the actual sentiment is, ‘we’re not ready to/don’t want to get married.’ Because inevitably they can change their minds, have huge weddings with tons of hoopla and excitment, while the gay folks they were advocating for can’t. Sad.

    • @Amy — I get what you’re saying but, again, I understand how things and people change.

      @GT — It’s not hypocrisy to change one’s mind.

    • GT

      Amen, Amy! What a hypocrite!

    • GT

      Changing one’s mind is “i don’t wanna get married” to “okay, now I wanna get married.”

      But standing up for a cause and then going against it? No, not changing one’s mind. And it’s not setting a good example for his kids.

      As a gay man, I would think you would put aside your blind devotion to a beloved celebrity and say something about it.

  • Debho

    Does anyone really care? Or is it just me who can’t be bothered with this couple?

    • @Debho — “Does anyone really care?” Yep, lots of people do really care.

    • Denise

      I care! I love celebrity weddings! But seriously, I’m glad that these parents of six are making a formal commitment. Congrats to them.

    • S

      I agree with you Debho! I really don’t care that these two are engaged!

    • Ella

      The popularity of this and many other celeb sites means people care. Personally…I don’t care. It’s a formality at this point.

  • Joanna

    I”m very happy for them. They have said that if they every got married they would do it more for their children than anything else since they keep asking why they are not married. I can’t wait to see Angelina’s dress and how the children will be utilized in the wedding ceremony. Nice ring by the way ;)

  • nicole

    “a promise for the future” – which means they’ll probably never make it down the aisle, it’ll just be a realllllly long engagement.

  • Thatgirl

    YAAAAAYYYYY! I’m so happy for them! Can ya tell? lol

  • Jennifer

    So…maybe theyll get married in a marriage equality state ;-)

  • Michelle

    First the affair, then the adoptions/births, then the engagement. Next, the wedding then for the finale……. The DIVORCE. But hey, congrats to them and their children. May they relish in their happiness….while they can.

  • shoesofpink

    Well, yay for them and their children that they’re moving on to the next stage in their lives. I wish them all the happiness in the world, which I’m sure they already have. Congratulations to the family.

  • Jamie

    My husband and I had our first child before we were married and I always felt a HUGE rush to get married. I live in the Midwest and my parents are pretty religious and honestly, a lot of people treat you like you’re trashy if you have kids and aren’t married. Anyway, I’m glad we’re married but in retrospect I wish I hadn’t cared about anyone else’s perception of our relationship and made that a factor in our timeline of when to get married. So kudos to Brad and Angelina for taking this step on their terms!

  • helen

    Am I the only one who’s not over the whole Jen-Brad-Angelina triangle??… Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy for the kids, they are a family after all, but I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to see pass that, ’till this day, everytime that I see brangelina I think about Jen and how perfect they were together and how much I loved that couple… oh wellll…

    • teri

      I agree – I’ve had very mixed feelings about them ever since. Angelina has historically been a husband poacher but I guess it’s all water under the bridge now (hopefully). And with all those kids it’s the right thing to do if it makes them happy.

    • Astrid

      Well.. Brad’s over it.. Angelina’s over it.. Even Jennifer’s over it. Maybe you should get over it too? :) They weren’t perfect together or else they would still be together. They may have looked pretty together, but it doesn’t mean that they were happy. Congrats to Angelina and Brad! I bet the kiddies are happy now:)

  • Jackie

    oh hell we are back to the Jen-Brad-Angie crap again? why can’t people just let it go? and one more thing, do you know them personally? were you there when Brad and Jen were having marriage problems? were you there when Brad and Angie were cheating together on Jen?


    then how the fuck do you know Angie was a husband poacher? how the hell do you know if Jen was really the victim in all of these?

    it takes 2 hands to fucking clap. don’t lay all the blame on Brad and Angie alone when we don’t even know the whole story and we will never ever do. Jen is happy with that Justin guy now. i don’t think she’d appreciate this shit being brought up all over again.

    • teri

      Ok first of all, calm down. Second, no, we don’t know what all exactly has happened behind closed doors but come on, this is celebrity news (aka gossip). Third, Angelina publicly dated Laura Dern’s then-fiance’ Billy Bob Thornton (who Angelina later married). This was quite public and devastating for Laura as I recall in the news at the time. Then obviously hooked up w/Brad while he was still married to Jen. If you want to claim she didn’t fine but I don’t buy it. Ok so you are over it but maybe others aren’t? Just sayin’…

    • kelly

      “First of all, calm down.” Best reply ever :)

    • Brad and Angie are happy together can you haters not give them the right to be. Their exe’s are history, Brad and Angie are looking forward to their future together for a long time. Congratulations to Brad and Angie! May your love stand the test of time. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love and lovely children. Can’t wait to see their wedding pictures.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    The way they came about as a couple was “uncool” but I don’t see them getting divorced.. They seem to be made for one another.

    • pam

      Your so very right about this, two people who are truly made for each other. And deserve each other. Let’s hope they never break up.
      *(holding up the sarcasm card, can ya dig it?)

  • kel

    my only comment: check out angie’s crazy veins on her hand! the ring is gorgeous, happy for their kids if it is what they want, will def look for pictures, but all i can really see is the hand!

  • kel

    ps: when did people get so mean-spirited on this site?

  • gpgirl

    people should get over the love triangle. jen is happy with justin. and no one’s perfect. and i guess they really wanted to give their children a happy family thats why they wanted to get married and make it official. maybe if u have kids and they asked for that for a long time, as a parent how can u say no?

  • thatgirl007

    You know it really tells you about a person when they can’t be happy for someone and dwell in the past regarding another couples relationship…that’s very unhealthy and bad for your future health. People should never hold on to negative feelings and I’m sure Jen has moved on also and her fans or whoever need to move on also.

    If you can’t find happiness in your own life don’t try to make everyone else miserable with you…

    Congrats to the couple…do things on your accord and not when the “World” and their silly standards want you to do it.

  • teri

    I don’t think anyone is wishing ill will to them by any means. My comments in particular were just (trying) to make a point on the stigma that she has in MY mind. Believe me, I don’t sit around and pine over any love triangle. And just because this stigma exists for me if/when I read about her, it doesn’t make me “miserable” nor mean I have “silly” standards because I chose to make a comment. Sorry if that set off some firestorm but it wasn’t because of any malicious intent or being “hung up” on anything…

    • kendra

      Don’t apologize..You were stating your feelings in a calm manner..Others got all crazy about it! If anything, the people that defend the two sound like crazy crazy-os! :)

      And I really don’t give a rat’s bum about this engagement..I don’t know them personally and am not really a fan of either so why should I care? Does that make me a miserable person? I don’t think so! :)

  • Ben@pr

    I hope that when they get married no one comes and pull an Angelina Jolie and Brad divorce her. Tabloids headlines: “Angie and Jen become BFF’s” LOL

  • That’s a terrible shot of her ring. It’s actually quite pretty.