First Look: Carrie Underwood Covers ‘Billboard’ Magazine


Country pop star Carrie Underwood is featured on the cover of the new issue of Billboard magazine … and while her feature story hasn’t been released yet, we get to check out her hot new coverphoto. Carrie is rockin’ some seriously big sexy hair in the photo … a likely nod to the title of her new album Blown Away. Click below to see Carrie in all her Billboard glory.

As a non-Country, non-American Idol fan I have to confess … I’m a pretty decent Carrie Underwood fan. Carrie reminds me of Shania Twain from her hey day. A sassy, fun Country girl with a great pop sensibility. While I don’t own any Carrie Underwood albums, I must confess that my iPod holds quite a few of her singles. Maybe I’ll pick up a copy of Blown Away when it hits stores. There is just something about Ms. Underwood that I find endearing. She looks fab in this coverphoto, don’t she?


  • Tony

    Wow, that’s some serious bed head she’s got going there.

  • Ella

    It doesn’t even look like her. I thought it was Thandie Newton.

  • Mela

    So much fake bake that I thought at first flash that it might be Rihanna.

  • krib

    i thought this was beyonce at first glance!

    • JCZ

      Haha I was gonna say Mariah, which is funny cause I remember that ‘controversy’ over Mariah’s album cover resembling Beyonce too much.

      Kelly will forever be the greatest AI star.

  • Iheartaustin

    Oh hush! She looks exactly like herself and NOTHING like ANY of those women! Seriously guy?! Thandie? Rihanna? Beyonce???

    • Ella

      Hush? Public forum sweetie. Why the strong reaction to Carrie looking a little bit black on the cover? People see what they see. It’s really not a huge deal. It’s not like we said she looks like a dog.

  • AmandaMarie

    Clearly it’s Carrie Underwood. Though it’s very much Kate Hudson.

  • This is album is going to be the BIGGEST and BEST album I will ever get my hands on. Literally will blow every other album any country artist has EVER done away. Truly, this will be HUGE! Carrie Underwood looks so hot in this era, I can’t even. HOT!!!!! I LOVE YOU CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!! This will be EPIC.