Adam Levine Responds To Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Flirting


Could this be the start of a new relationship blooming? Last week we heard that Maroon 5 hottie, Adam Levine, was newly single, having ended things with his girlfriend, Anne V. He wasn’t on the market for very long before Jennifer Love Hewitt made her intentions known. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, Jen said she always has her “eyes out” when it comes to dating, and at the moment, she has her eyes on Adam. Now we have heard Adam’s reaction to her public flirtatious remarks. Is he keen?

The female world rejoiced when Adam became single, and then some of those women might have lost hope after hearing Jennifer’s intentions. I also think there are women out there who gained more momentum and determination after hearing Jen’s remarks. But, the big question is, what does Adam think? Access Hollywood took the plunge and asked Adam about Jennifer’s comments…

“It’s very, very flattering,” Adam said, adding, “It’s very flattering and very sweet and it was lovely to hear, but I’m not going to let it get to my head.”

Ha! The funny thing is that Adam knew about the remarks in the first place.But, how could he not? Her flirting went viral. It is pretty cute, and humble, what he said though, right? Does he not know what a heartthrob he is. Seems our single prince doesn’t quite know just how many women out there have their eyes on him, and would jump at the chance to flirt with him. Guess we shouldn’t tell him though because then it will definitely go to his head!

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  • Amarie

    They’d be adorbs but I think JLove would get her heart broken “/

  • Jstar

    I think he was just trying to let her down easy, since he will be my husband someday!

  • Shannon

    Does Wayne Brady have to slap a bitch?

  • Dennis

    I may be wrong but I have a hunch he is very aware of his female fanbase. Perhaps a bit too much. ;)

  • D

    Wasn’t Carson engaged to her at some point? Carson and Adam seem pretty tight on the show…

    • Jacqui

      Very interesting. Is she trying to stick it to Carson?

    • Lynne

      They dated more than 10 years ago when she was like 21.

  • marcus_em

    lol i dunno folks JLH is a hot piece of ass .. very under rated in my opinion. I think her and adam would make dreamy great haired big assed baby’s just sayin.

  • Sandy

    It’s one of those “Yeah, uh, thanks….” type things. You know, since he’s waiting for me to come around.

  • Jackie

    Christina Aguilera, have you made your move already!!! do your thang, girl!!!

  • Chuck

    I love me some Jennifer Love Hewitt, but if she is attracted to him, then he’s bad news!! She always picks a certain type, and she’s attracted to douchebags. Yes, he’s attractive, but he’s got a history of lovin’ and leavin’ ’em! I say NO!

  • Leena

    I agree with a lot of the posts… I think she’s really pretty and has a hot body, they would look awesome together. I hope he asks her out!!!

  • YepYep

    You’ve all seen his exes, right? I seriously doubt he even contemplated it for a split second, totally doesn’t seem to be his type o’ girl. And it sounds like a quite uncomfortable “very, very flattered…” comment.