Nicki Minaj Shoots Jeremy Scott For Adidas Commercial


She is back in more crazy clothes, and this time, Nicki Minaj, is actually wearing designer fashion. She has teamed up with fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, to film the commercial for his upcoming 2012 fall Jeremy Scott x Adidas collection. We have some pics from the shoot yesterday which took place in Brooklyn, NYC. Nicki is seen rocking extra long platinum hair, and some pretty wacky, uber-festive Jeremy Scott x Adidas gear. Check out his latest designs!

These pics were taken from the filming of the ad, and give us insight into what to expect from the new Jeremy Scott line. Color me happy!

We have seen some extraordinary designs from Jeremy Scott in the past. Do you remember those rainbow wing sneakers from back in 2010? Jeremy is certainly a man of color, and we had to expect that his new collaboration with Adidas would be rainbow bright. He isn’t everyone thing, but if you’re a sneaker fan, or just a color fan, you probably LOVE Jeremy’s designs. I know Trent is a big fan!

I can see why they have chosen Nicki Minaj as the new model for the Jeremy Scott x Adidas collection, she is known for her outlandish, colorful get ups, and actually dressed in Jeremy’s line, she looks kinda… normal. I actually think the sculptured puffer jacket is fabulous – it almost looks like something a Care Bear, Rainbow Bright barbie doll or cartoon would wear. I am not a fan of the “male model’s” outfit. Jeremy, what is with that jacket, and those pants?

What do you think of the latest Jeremy Scott x Adidas collection and Nicki Minaj as the new face?


  • Chris

    The ‘male model’ is the designer himself, lol.

  • Ashley

    i want that puffy coat dress thing

  • Goofy

    Weird and ugly.

  • I recently did a sketch of the talented artist taken from her recent commercial for the Fall 2012 campaign for Jeremy Scott check it out on my instagram @caleblee81 or simply search tag #isketchfashion