Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Now Pretty Pronounced Belly At LAX


A couple of weeks back we heard the news that Kristin Cavallari had moved out of L.A, because it is what she described as “toxic”. This all happened, coincidentally of course, at the same time that her family’s home was lost in foreclosure in Laguna Beach. Now, that she’s not living permanently in Hollywood anymore you might guess that she will be out of the paparazzi’s sight, but not true. We got photos of this mom-to-be today spotted leaving LAX and her bump has really grown the last few weeks. Kristin looks gorgeous in a striped sweater and platform heels, showing off her much grown belly. How does she look so glamorous while pregnant, at an airport of all places?

Check out her bump, eh? It has definitely popped out the past few weeks. They announced that they were expecting in about January, so I would guess that Kristin might already be about 6 months along, if they waited till the second trimester to publicize the news. I think she looks gorgeous pregnant, one of those women that might even look better pregnant than not. I love the curves that it gives her.

We haven’t heard where Kristin is going to be based now, or where she is living, but we can assume it is either Chicago or Nashville, or perhaps a house in both, based on where her fiance, Jay Cutler’s home bases are. Some people have been cynical about Kristin leaving L.A., but I say, good for her. She is looking lovely and really embracing being pregnant and maybe this will be her attempt at starting a whole new life, turning over a new leaf. We heard a few weeks ago that she wants to have a second baby straight after she has the first, and then will consider planning her wedding to Jay.. so, we might be seeing Kristin pregnant for a while now, with a big old house in Nashville. I think this will be good for her. What do you think of her life change?


  • Amarie

    I never thought I’d see K Cav pregnant. I love it :) she was my fave from Laguna and the hills. I’ll always be team kristin! ;)

  • AmandaMarie

    I actually really like her all pregnant and stuff. She looks happy and quite frankly fabulous. That outfit is super cute. Maybe this whole baby thing for her will be similar to how Nicole Richie changed so dynamically and everything. Kinda already feel that it’s happening.

  • I think she looks really cute and wish her the best!

  • Courtney

    she looks cute but stop paying attention to her she’s not famous reality stars are infamous. I’ll bet if photographer Professional not Paparrazzi Annabel Clark were pregnant Ya’ll wouldn’t be paying attention because she doesn’t court the press granted Annabel was born famous she’s part of the Redgrave family the youngest daughter of two time Tony award winner Lynn

    • Astrid

      Oo-kay…? Maybe you’re in the wrong blog, sweetie.