Jean Paul Gaultier Reveals That He Has Designed The Costumes For Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ World Tour


Great news, Madonna fans … it turns out that famed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier is working with Madonna on her upcoming MDNA World Tour. At the launch of a Gaultier event yesterday, he was asked if he was designing the costumes for Maddy’s tour. Considering that he designed the costumes for 4 of her previous tours, it was a pretty good question. It is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that yes, Gaultier designed the costumes for the MDNA World Tour!

At the launch of Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke in Paris, fashion editor Melanie Rickey had a chat with him. One of the topics was of courseā€¦ Madonna! When asked if he was designing costumes for the forthcoming Madonna Tour, he responded in his lovable Franglais looking visibly surprised at my obviously inside informationā€¦

But ow do yoo knoaw?
Well, yes. Yes I am. You are verrry well informed! Mebbee you know as much as me!

This is really fantastic news. Gaultier is one of my favorite designers and his work with Madonna is legendary. He designed costumes for her Confessions Tour, her Re-Invention Tour, the Drowned World Tour and who can forget — the Blond Ambition Tour. I have no doubt that he has whipped up some great fashions for the MDNA Tour. Very, very exciting news!! I hope we get to see new sketches soon.


  • rYan

    Coincidence that the one tour he didn’t design for happensto be one of her worst: Sticky & Sweet?

    • @rYan — I think Maddy learned her lesson :)

    • rYan

      I hope so because I spent a small fortune on tickets. Lol

  • conn

    he did not design the costumes for the girlie show either. those were dolce & gabbana as much as i like dolce & gabbana those costumes were terrible.