Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Taking Her Romance With Nick Gordon To Reality TV?


Last month we learned that Bobbi Kristina Brown managed to score a role on the Tyler Perry TV series For Better or Worse, which I think is a great idea. Today we learn that Bobbi Kris may also be ready to take her private life to reality TV, which I think is a terrible idea. According to reports, BK is planning to do a reality TV show with her boyfriend Nick Gordon. OY.

With the death of her mother just under two months ago, many would think that Bobbi Kristina would prefer to stay out of the limelight. But it appears that the 19-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston is preferring to do the exact opposite. After recently scoring a role in a Tyler Perry comedy series, the troubled teen has now reportedly reached a verbal deal to star in her very own reality star, according to Radaronline. Apparently Bobbi went against her family’s wishes by agreeing to do the show, and is set to finalise things in writing in the near future. ‘This show is being done against her family’s advice,’ a source told the website. The idea of the reality show was said to have been cultivated last year, before Whitney’s untimely death in February this year. Bobbi is said to agree with producers at the network that the timing is now perfect to go ahead with the show on account of all of the curiosity surrounding her. However, sources say that despite Bobbi’s insistence on participating, her own reported issues with substance abuse are likely to cause problems and appear to already be doing so.
In a recent meeting with the TV network, insiders told Radaronline that Bobbi appeared to be ‘impaired’. ‘She was slurring her words and said: “I will show the world I am NOT my mother and will NOT walk in her shoes down her path,” then seconds later would mutter, “My mother was just normal, completely normal, someone who did normal things. She just listened to all the wrong people–and did the wrong things.” Parts of the reality program are reported to show her relationship with ‘adoptive brother’ Nick Gordon. Gordon recently confirmed that her and Bobbi have a romantic relationship, tweeting: “Yeah we got a little closer and what!”‘

While I think work would be great for Bobbi Kris right now, I do not think this reality TV show is a good idea at all. Her father Bobby Brown tried to find fame with Being Bobby Brown … and all he did was show the world just how dysfunctional his life with Whitney Houston really was. I’d hate for BK to regret exposing herself to public criticism by choosing to air her private life like this. This just sounds like a really bad idea. What do you think? Would you tune in to watch a show like this?


  • Jstar

    She should think about going to college and being a normal teenager…not trying to follow in her parents’ footsteps.

  • nicole

    the last thing she needs is to be on a reality show.

  • Adrian

    Looks like the producers are wanting to film another train wreck waiting to happen.