Hugh Jackman And His Family Have An Afternoon Of Football In NYC


Fresh off the plane from London where he is filming Les Miserables, playing Jean Valjean, Hugh Jackman in back in New York with his family and spending time just hanging out. Yesterday afternoon he was photographed with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and son, Oscar Maximillian Jackman and his friend playing a bit of football. Check out the pics of this happy family fooling around along the West Side river park in downtown New York…

The last few pics of Hugh that we have seen had him looking gaunt, dirty and disheveled with his scabby face and shaved head, but this was all for his role as Valjean in Les Mis. No longer looking like a homeless ragamuffin, Hugh is back to his sporty, well self. In these pics though he has his head covered up in a woolly hat, even though the weather is warming up in NYC, so I am assuming he needs to conceal his scalp, which we know has been attacked with a razor for the film.

I have been so impressed with the sneak peaks we have seen so far of this film adaptation. Not only have we seen glimpses of Hugh as Valjean, but Russell Crowe as his nemesis Inspector Javert. We also saw the lovely, Anne Hathaway, having cut off all her hair for her transformation into Fantine, and there are rumors that she is shrinking down to an unhealthy weight for the role. It seems all the actors are taking their roles in this movie very seriously, and getting really into it. This is a great sign of what we can expect from the film I think.

Hugh really is the ultimate family man. I love seeing pics of him hanging out with his wife and kids, especially when it looks like they are just having so much fun, which they always appear to be doing. This family is just so down to earth and relaxed as well. I hear the Jackmans! Check out more pics of Hugh and his fam fooling around yesterday afternoon.


  • helen

    sigh… could he BE any more perfect??!! (chandler voice)


    I totally adore this man – he is the shizz