Hero Ryan Gosling Takes A Casual Stroll Through SoHo, NYC


Last we heard from bonafide heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, he was saving random women from crazy New York taxi drivers knocking them down in the street. As we all suddenly tried to think of ways to accidentally throw ourselves into oncoming traffic in order to be saved by Ryan, he has just been hanging out in the city, taking it all in his stride. Today we have more hot pics of our hero as he casually saunters around downtown New York, grabbing lunch, and enjoying his free time. Ah, yes, even a hero has down time.

Ryan has been in Thailand the past few months filming his latest movie, and now he is back in New York looking handsome as ever. Yesterday he was spotted wearing black jeans, a hipster t-shirt, a maroon cardigan, and dark sunglasses. Does this guy ever look bad?

I may just hang out on the corner of Houston and Broadway waiting for a dangerous taxi and a Ryan hero to come my way…


  • ClaireMichelle

    UGH. He is so gorgeous it actually hurts.

  • Janaegal

    He’s perfection. Pure, delicious, I need him in my life perfection.

    Also, so is that bag that lady is carrying. Tres cute!!

  • Daniel

    He’s single-handedly bringing cardigans back.