British Boy Band One Direction Show Off Their Bods And Cause Hysteria On Sydney Harbor


The British pop lads, One Direction, have made their way down under to Oz land for their promotional tour (yes, Sydney seems like the place to be for celebs this week!) The quintet, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have been doing interviews all around town and yesterday had a relaxing day enjoying Sydney harbor from their boat. We’ve got you all the pics… Harry shows off his taught abs in his pink board shorts, and the rest of the boys seem to be having a jolly good time, drinking beers and relaxing on their boat as they cruise Sydney harbor from their luxury yacht.

Check out lots more pics of the boys having fun on board their private boat. They’re pretty cute, and it’s great seeing them relax and actually be the young boys that they are.

Aussie teenage girls have been going insane since the arrival of One Direction. Hundreds of hysterical teens flocked to Sydney Airport to greet the Brit boy band as they flew into the country. They also screamed and cried as they watched them being interviewed on Australian talk-shows. Police have had to increase security surrounding the boy band. Police special operations officer Peter O’Neil said yesterday: “We will be stepping up patrols in and around Crown casino … we have seen the scenes they have caused.” Could One Direction be the next Beatles?

Watch their interview here from Sydney’s Today Show… note the hysterical girls, hilarious…


  • ClaireMichelle

    I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t jam out to their music. Their accents don’t hurt, either. They’re adorable.

  • Iheartaustin

    It’s the hair for me… That damn über sexy hair!!

  • Ama


    I wish other musicians from other countries could get this popular in America and otherwise as quickly as this group has.

    Even bands/musicians with 10+ years of experience and a lot of talent{and good looks} have little attention/public knowledge here. Which makes it hard for them to do US shows.

    For the first picture posted, think the guy needs to pull up his swimming shorts a little :)

  • nicole

    i just dont get it.
    i must be getting old.

    • @nicole — I think some of the songs are catchy … but I’m not in love. David, on the other hand, was blasting 1D this morning. LOL!

  • DC

    I must say not bad looking guys… not a fan but good looking guys

  • Sandy

    I wish I could say that I won’t jam out to them or The Wanted, but that would be a huge lie.

  • Debho

    My almost 13yo daughter LOVES them and was sooo disappointed to miss out on concert tickets even though we were perched waiting. Must be something about them…she was never a Bieber fan like most girls her age are. But these boys have invaded her walls! lol

  • Neal

    Are they even old enough to be drinking liquor?

    • Debho

      Yep, the legal drinking age down here is 18.

  • Daniel Gonzales

    My god, those abs are amazing. Totally lickable!