Beyoncé Flaunts Her Beach Bod In St.Barts


Earlier in the week we saw pics of Beyoncé and her baby girl, Blue Ivy, on a yacht in St.Barts, where the family is on vacation. Today we have more photos from the Knowles-Carter spring holiday; we have great pics of the stunning new mom, Beyoncé, frolicking in the waves and laying on the beach with her hubby, Jay-Z. Blue Ivy has not yet ventured to the sand, so she must be catching some shut eye while mom and dad spend some time in the sun and sea. Rumor has it that Bey and Jay-Z may have renewed their vows on this vacation. Check out the beautiful pics- Bey is seriously a stunner…

How hot is Beyoncé looking? In her black one-piece swimsuit she is sizzling. It is hard to believe that she gave birth to her daughter just a few months ago, January 7th, to be precise. Beyoncé really has one of those magnificent bodies that just oozes sex appeal, and this swimsuit is perfectly suited to her body shape IMHO. I know these pics may only add fuel to the rumor fire that Bey didn’t really give birth, but…I think those rumors are just that, silly rumors. Yes, she looks amazing, and I love that she flaunts those curves. How adorable is Jay-Z photographing his magnificent wife?

There are some rumors going around that Beyoncé and Jay-Z renewed their wedding vows on this vacation. It makes sense given that their 4th wedding anniversary was just last week. Given how private this couple is, and the fact that we didn’t hear much about their wedding in the first place, I doubt that we will hear anything about the vow renewals, but if the renewal ceremony did take place in St.Barts I think it is a gorgeous idea. Bey and Jay-Z do seem very close and happy, and I am glad that they are taking time out of being new parents to spend time just the two of them, and focus on nurturing their relationship. How lovely does their vacation look? A splash in the sea, relax on the sand, jump on a yacht, oh, renew my wedding vows and fall in love all over again… all in day’s work for the Knowles-Carters.


  • Erica

    I really think that these photos help the case that she DID have Blue Ivy, not that they prove she didn’t.

    Bey looks great but she’s not as skinny as she usually is. I think considering how fit she was before getting pregnant, she’s right on track after giving birth.

    Of course, the conspiracy theorists will use anything to try to say she’s been carrying around a doll all this time. I’m sure Blue Ivy’s legs out of that baby carrier were too plastic-looking, or shiny, or some crap like that.

  • Sfmom

    I’m with you Erica. And I’ve been skeptical but IMO, her showing up in a one piece is pretty convincing evidence that she did have that baby. :-)

  • Janaegal

    Ditto Erika. She actually looks curvier here than out and about but that’s not all that suprising. She admits to being a Spanx freak. This is probably more her in her natural state. I think she looks healthy and gorgeous!

  • SMH

    I don’t understand why people doubt she had a baby. She showed her stomach in a 2 piece bikini at 4-5 mos., showed it again in a blue bikini at 7-8 mos., she CLEARLY looked pregnant in all her photos walking around the City back and forth to work, the doctor that delivered spoke on he delivered a baby out of Beyonce and recently she showed a video on her Tumblr in the same white bikini while pregnant. She only gained 40 lbs. and spoke on that with Katie Couric because she had to quickly drop weight for her upcoming show and for filming A Star Is Born. She has a toned body which allows you to snap back into shape as well as nutrionists and trainers. All because some hating stupid website started a rumor when her dress folded on a show are peoples feeble minds still running with some surrogate rumor. Wake up and grow up already.

  • Can i just ask? Why doesn’t Jay have ANY hair on his legs?.. It looks a little bit like he shaved them.. Ugh

    • Jenny

      I guess the same way you can have a naturally hairless cooch or balls. I’m sure if you took your head out of his ass and got a close up you’d see fine hairs. In reality, lots of people are born and grow hairless but have it in the important spots. At least it saves money on having it removed.