Betty White Joins Twitter


Great news, people of Earth! The amazing Betty White has joined Twitter!! America’s most beloved golden girl has decided to take a bold step forward into the world of social media in order to promote her new NBC series Off Their Rockers. While our dear Betty is unlikely to be sharing her personal tidbits on a daily basis, it’s nice that we now have a direct conduit to the lovely lady herself. Click below to read Betty’s first tweets to the world.

Hello Twitter! And they said it would never happen. Oh wait, that was me. / My new show “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” airs 8 PM tomorrow on NBC… I’m new at this… ;) / Hey @RyanSeacrest – my new show airs tomorrow and I hear we’re in the same time slot. I’ve always dreamed of sharing a night with you…

I have to admit, I have a hard time picturing Betty on her computer or cellphone typing up her tweets … but, even still, there’s something endearing by the idea that we can reach out and tweet her at any time we like. Who knows, she might actually tweet back. Betty White is in the Twittersphere, y’all. Isn’t that just adorable?


  • AmandaMarie

    She hit on Ryan seacrest already. I’m digging it.

  • memikeyounot

    Valerie Bertinelli tweeted about an hour ago that this is not really Betty White. She said Betty was really upset that someone would do this and they are trying to find out how the account got verified.

    • @memikeyyounot — Valerie was wrong: “Stop the presses! Betty just got a call. An account was opened on her behalf by her people. More to come… / It’s all a misunderstanding…@BettyMWhite IS Betty’s twitter account! Now follow me back, bitch! ;-) / I think @BettyMWhite pranked me but good! #blushing / No more jumping! It’s Betty #eggonface :-D”