Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ World Tour Setlist Has Leaked


The fansite Madonnarama has been breaking Madonna news left and right ever since she announced last year that she had begun work on a new album. Thruout the recording process, Madonnarama has reported on song titles, lyrics, etc. They had the inside scoop on Madonna’s Super Bowl performance before it even happened and now that she is rehearsing for her upcoming world tour, they have NEW inside scoop on what to expect. Now, not everyone loves spoilers so … if you want to be surprised by the setlist for Madonna’s MDNA World Tour, you might want to avert your eyes. For those of you (like me) who are dying to know what songs from Maddy’s massive catalog will be performed live on tour … read on.

Keep in mind that Madonna is currently in rehearsals and that the final setlist might include some changes. The MDNA Tour opens up with religious chants that lead into Girl Gone Wild. Just like the album version it includes the Act of Contrition intro and also has a new instrumental part featuring whip-sounds and even some Material Girl lyrics. Then comes Revolver featuring Lil Wayne, who will appear in the backdrop video, followed by Gang Bang. The fourth title on the setlist is the first real surprise: an edited version of Papa Don’t Preach! Hung up has completely been reworked to fit the theme of the MDNA tour and next up is guitar-heavy I Don’t Give A featuring Nicki Minaj.
Some of you might have noticed similarities between Best Friend and Heartbeat from the Hard Candy album. You’re not the only ones, because the tour version now includes more Heartbeat references and even some lyrics. Express Yourself has some HUGE surprises that will have everyone talking, but we won’t spoil these for the moment. After this we go into the Just Blaze remix of Give me all your Luvin’, followed by Turn up the Radio. Another surprise on the setlist is a completely reinvented version of Open Your Heart, which is followed by a track from the MDNA album, Falling Free. The tour version is very similar to the album version, but has a more prominent violin sound. The second part of the show also includes a totally reinvented version of the William Orbit remix of Justify my Love, including new lyrics, and a Nobody Knows Me video interlude.

Wow. This sounds so exciting. I can’t say I’m crazy about Revolver but the rest of the songs listed here sound perfect. Papa Don’t Preach? Yes, please! A new version of Justify My Love? YES, PLEASE! Of course this setlist will change a bit … and we still have a lot of other songs to hear about but … Madonnnarama has been doing a fantastic job of reporting the Maddy news for months now, I totally believe them when they reveal information like this. I’m excited! What other songs are YOU hoping Madonna adds to her MDNA World Tour setlist?


  • james

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have her add LOVE SPENT…its my favorite from MDNA!

  • Josh

    People Relax! LOL! This is only the 1st section of her entire SetList for the Tour. Of course Love Spent will be there. And if we all pray, probably other treasures will be there too…like Physical Attraction (from her 1st Album) ;)

  • Laura

    If she sings Like a Prayer, I will die from happiness. Everything else will be a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

  • GAGGING! This setlist looks amazing. AMAZING! And honestly, I must be the only Madonna fan who likes “Revolver”, so I’m glad it’s included. Not to mention Justify My Love and a bit of Heartbeat.
    Gang Bang and Turn Up The Radio are two of my three fave tracks from MDNA so… yay! to those ones. Hopefully “I’m Addicted” (my 3rd fave) will be in the setlist too.
    I wonder what the big surprise will be in “Express Yourself”? … maybe it’ll include lyrics from “Born This Way”? Haha, I kid, I kid.
    I’m going to see this tour TWICE and I cannot fucking wait!

  • Zaidi

    M has so many songs to be present in 1 show and will never satisfy everyone.
    I wish she does- Physical attraction, Love profusion, This used to be, stay, shoo bee doo, Love spent, Gang bang, Beautiful Killer. I am not so fond of Turn up the radio,,,,theres no radio in a tour- it doesnt fit the scene. Beautiful killer, gang bang, revolver, GGW all have guns and shootingso go ahead M shoot someone.

  • isa

    hoo were a u at the moment