The new issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine is out and it features an actress that we all know … and hardly recognize. When I first saw this coverphoto, I had absolutely NO IDEA who it was. My initial reaction was that the covergirl was one of those Academy Award-nominated actresses who got a lot of love during awards season but is not yet a household name. When I found out who it actually is … I was completely surprised. Maybe it’s just me but … if I wasn’t told who this actress is, there’s no way I would’ve guessed correctly. Take a look at the full coverphoto below and give your best guess. Can YOU guess which actress is featured on the cover of the May issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine?

She’s kept a low profile recently and has rarely been seen under the spotlight. But now Renee Zellweger has come back with a bang. Albeit on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Russia looking somewhat airbrushed as she returns to a similar 1920s look which she adopted in her hit musical Chicago. The Bridget Jones’s Diary actress has posed for the front of the May issue looking preened to perfection for the shoot … Renee didn’t have a hair out of place for the magazine cover with her blonde locks styled in loose waves. The 42-year-old channelled a show girl once more as she wore a beaded gold dress with a matching bejewelled head piece. And she completed the look off with a large feather boa over her right shoulder.

Renée Zellweger … can you believe it? I honestly do not recognize her at all in this photo. Now that I know it’s her I can kinda see it but … the folks who retouched this image should be given a medal. The photo is fantastic … but I’m not sure if it’s much of a compliment to Ms. Zellweger if this amazing photo was retouched to the point that she is unrecognizable. Do you see Renée in this photo?

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