Watch: James Franco ‘Performs’ Selena Gomez’s Song ‘Love You Like A Love Song’


Late last month we saw hilarious photos of James Franco channeling his inner Kevin Federline on the set of the new film Spring Breakers. Today we get to see some personal video from Franco that was filmed in between takes on the movie set. As you may know, popstar Selena Gomez is one of the main stars of Spring Breakers and as an ode to her, James filmed a little video of himself singing along to her song Love You Like A Love Song. Check out the clip below.

James Franco on WhoSay

James shared this video on his official WhoSay profile so that we could see how much of a Selena Gomez fan he is. I love this song and I can totally understand why James Franco does, too. I can’t say that I love him in the corn rows but singing along with Selena Gomez does endear him a bit. He’s so crazy.


  • Jacqui

    I hope he steals her from the Biebs.

  • I’ve been hearing a rumor that Justin is paranoid that James will steal her from him cause she and James have been flirting a lot on the set of their new movie.

  • Lou

    He looks stoned out of his mind. Hilarious.

  • marcus_em

    lol I tend to think as high as good ol’ jimmy franco gets he still would not boff the human bratz doll that is selena gomez just because she is like 19 and then he would be the guy who broke poor lil biebs’s first relationship up lol that CAN NOT be good for one’s career lol could u imagine ! the scandal! of kardashian proportions! lol no no i think he loves her like a love song between friends ;-) …poor biebs..

  • Jacqui

    Franco is punk rock. He does what he wants. he doesn’t even care. He did General hospital after becoming a-list! He hosted the oscars and also does stoner comedies! He’s getting his grad degree just cause. I do not put it past the Frankonator to swoop in there.

  • Lexifer

    Not digging the braids, but I’d still get it in