The Murder Trial Of Jennifer Hudson’s Family Starts Next Week


Do you remember the tragic story about Jennifer Hudson’s family back in 2008? The murder of her mother, brother and nephew is not something Jennifer discusses much anymore, or ever did really, but the murder trial of the man accused of the triple killing, William Balfour, is starting on Monday in Chicago, and Jen is expected to attend and testify.

William Balfour, the man on trial for the murders, was estranged from Jennifer’s sister, Julia. He went on a killing rampage, slaughtering Julia’s 7 year old son, Julian King, Jennifer and Julia’s brother, Jason, and their mother, Darnell Donerson in 2008. The reports are saying that it was all based on jealousy over Julia’s new partner. This photo was taken of Jen with her mom, Darnell, in 2008 at the New York premiere of Dreamgirls. It is so awful to think that soon after this event she was murdered.

When I first heard the news about this tragedy I was completely horrified. This is one seriously awful, deeply tragic story. I feel so sorry for Jennifer to have to relive this again through the trial. It is going to be horrific for her to hear testimony, evidence and possibly testify during the case. Ugh! She hasn’t spoken much about the incident, but in 2010, she first spoke publicly to VH1, saying the tragedy “was surreal … It was like I was outside of myself.” She added: “I’d pray when I get up in the morning, and pray before I lay down at night. If I didn’t, I’d wake up depressed.”

Lets all send our prayers and good thoughts to Jennifer Hudson as she prepares to relive this awful nightmare again. Hopefully once the trial is over, one way or another, she will have some peace and closure from this horror story.

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  • That poor girl. These trials always drag the victims through the mud again. Hope it goes quickly, and doesn’t get drawn out.