Beyoncé And Jay-Z Surface On A Yacht In St. Barts With Blue Ivy


Glorious photos were taken yesterday, April 8th, of Beyoncé and Jay-Z enjoying a day out on a yacht with their baby, Blue Ivy, as they vacationed in St.Barts for the Easter weekend. Lil’ baby Blue is only 3 months old and already jet setting to the Caribbean. The photos of the Knowles-Carter family are gorgeous as they board their private yacht and hang out in the sunshine. Ah, that’s the life.

Beyoncé looks great in her mini denim shorts, bright tangerine cardigan, and sunglasses. Both her and hubby, Jay-Z, actually look extremely well and super relaxed. Daddy, Jay, has his camera ready to snap pics of his baby girl as she boats around St. Barts. I’m sure she is going to get used to this lifestyle. Check out Blue Ivy’s CUTE little legs and feet hanging out of the baby carrier! So adorable!!!

Last week was Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 4th wedding anniversary and he was spotted jewelery shopping for his wife in New York City. Maybe this weekend away was an extension of his anniversary gift to his lovely wife, or then again, maybe it was well… just because. Either way, it looks like much fun was had indeed. I could do me some holidaying in St.Barts.


  • Susanne

    And here we go again with the baby chokin’ .. It ain’t dark outside on this pics, and the flashlight don’t pop up in this light..

    • @Susanne — Hee hee … notice how we can see Blue Ivy’s hands and feet now? I’d like to see that baby move, tbh.

    • intelligence

      umm u can’t see movement in pictures! i thought everyone was born with common sense!

    • @Intelligence — Ah, you got me. So smart.


    I wonder how long they rented that baby for… is so convenient for situations like this, isn’t it?

  • Andrea

    aww people are so mean! any baby you see being carried in one of those baby bjorn things is always dangling and limbs all limp! beyonce’s baby is no different. and she’s not being suffocated by the blanket. if you can see, beyonce is clearly holding the blanket away from her body so the baby can still breathe but is covered! i don’t know how we can expect to see the baby move when all we are seeing are pictures of the her..clearly movement can’t be seen in photograph!

    • Krissy

      I agree. You see mothers everyday with similar baby carriers…yet when Beyonce does it, there is some kind of conspiracy going on. I don’t get it!

  • Megsterg

    Will someone please tell her it is horrible to constantly carry your baby in that thing.

    • Lulu

      Agreed. Get an Ergo, or a sling stat!

    • Jenn

      I was about to say that. Those are so horrible for little babies.

  • monica

    I don’t underastand why she can’t just carry her baby in her arms. I would cuddle my litte baby and hold her against my chest. Her baby isn’t heavy

  • cinner

    Awwww her feet are soooooo tiny and cute :) and as a boater with (now older) babies you do need your hands free when boarding. People are so harsh, she is doing nothing wrong she is simply mothering her child.