Zac Efron Accidentally Bares His Bum In Australia


Back in February, heartthrob actor Zac Efron accidentally dropped a wrapped condom on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of The Lorax. This weekend, Zac suffered another accident of sorts. Zac has made his way down to Australia to promote his new film The Lucky One and inadvertently gave folks a bit of a peep show on the balcony of his hotel. As you can see below, Zac was photographed in various states of undress as he fooled around on his glass balcony … no need to thank me, just enjoy the bounty below :)

Ahem … I must say, it’s always a nice treat when Zac decides to not wear a shirt … so, these are fun photos, yeah? Normally, I’m not a fan of the pants hanging off the ass look but, you know, Zac really makes it work. I’m not entirely sure what Zac was doing with hand down the front of his pants but … well, who’s complaining? NOT ME! After he fooled around on the balcony (in his pants, etc.), it looks like Zac — with glass doors wide open, stepped out onto the balcony again after he took a shower:

If you click the photo above, you’ll see a photo of Zac Efron NOT wearing this towel (accidentally on purpose?). Yes, we get a good NSFW look at Zac’s bare bum … but only his left buttcheek so … it’s mostly innocent, right?


[Photo credit: INFdaily, Splash News]

  • Shannon

    I’m on my iPhone and I almost dropped it because I couldn’t click on this fast enough

    • Chivonne

      Your comment literally made me lol.

    • EWWWWW

      Me too, haha

      But honestly why is he walking around BAREFOOT on that dirty hotel room floor and hotel bathroom floor???!!!

      I don’t think people realize that hundreds and possible thousands of other people have stayed there and hotel rooms are crawling with germs.

      Room service people just do a quickie clean after a guest leaves. They don’t disinfect the place.

  • Tonya

    I really hope he washed his hand before he ate breakfast.

    • Tracy

      LOL! Tonya…why are you and I thinking same thing? Is he just adjusting or did he have a scratch he had to scratch?

      The pants below the bum I think that is how the youngs guys are wearing their pants these days…Hell some of the old guys are wearing their pants that way.

    • Balito

      LOL… BIG NEWS FOR YOU!!! Girls we are men… we scratch and eat all the time!!! ha ha ha

    • gomez

      we never wash our hands after fondling our junk. think about that next time you’re with a guy

    • Lil Miss Efron

      Ok the camera men CLEARLY shouldnt have invaded his privacy so far, and Zac must be really embarrassed about this. But Im ok with it coz hes hot and I like him like that. BAM

  • Julie

    Happy Easter to meee :)!!! Thanks Trent :)

  • Publicity.

  • brittany

    It’s an Easter miracle!!!!! :)


  • Cj

    Happy Easter!!!

  • RJ

    Every time Trent posts an article about Zac Efron an angel gets its wings. <3

  • Johnny

    Pull up those pants and get a boyfriend already!

  • Megsterg

    As much as I love these shots LOL, I can’t help but feel like it’s such a major invasion of privacy. He obviously doesn’t know there is a photographer far away zooming in on him. Though I guess celebrities really should always expect it. But if this was a girl who didn’t realize, I feel like more people would be mad about it.


    This is SUCH a publicity stunt, and a bad one at that. I mean, in other pictures, he was OBVIOUSLY aware that the paparazzi were there since he was staring in their direction. I mean, what kind of celebrity walks in their hotel naked with the curtains and balcony doors open? He has a movie coming out in two weeks. Pfffffffft. Anyways, he’s good-looking, but he doesn’t do anything for me… I find Dave Franco much hotter.

  • Rolltideguy77

    I’d love to be that hand!

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I have never, ever wanted to be a towel more in my life. Or a glass of orange juice.

  • jack

    I’d like to know who was on the other end of the phone while his hand was down his pants and if this was the reason for taking the shower afterwards …

    and Tonya – it looks to me like the breakfast came after the shower.

  • James Poppinga

    Nice Ass!!!!!

  • Balito

    Happy Easter Ya’ll!!! Talking of hidden eggs, ha ha ha…

    • mc_swifty


  • lilly

    he says he hates being a heart throb then pulls a stunt like his???

  • anthony

    Look at this link….totally naked… see a d..k!

    • @anthony — Sorry to burst your bubble but this naked penis photo is a Photoshop fake :(

  • oh yeah, it’s a part of he’s movie promotion maybe,

  • Jeff

    My God! Leave the poor boy alone!!!