Lily Allen Is Working On A New Album


Lily Allen has been in hiding for a couple of months now since she gave birth to her baby girl, Ethel Mary, in January. Musically, she has also been out of the charts for a few years, however reports are out today from Digital Spy that she may be working on some new material for an upcoming third album. She was spotted at RAK Studios in St John’s Wood, London last week, trying out different sounds and writing new tracks for a future album.

Her last album was in 2009, It’s Not Me, It’s You, and since then Lily has taken a real break from music. She launched her own record company and the Lucy In Disguise fashion label while on a break from her recording career. She married her beau, Sam Cooper and had her baby. Lily and Sam also suffered a tragic miscarriage before Ethel was born. Their unborn baby boy was miscarried at the late stage of 6 months the year before Ethel came into the world. They have been through a lot together in the last few years, and I really thought that she was going to put her music career aside, at least for now.

So much has clearly changed in Lily’s life since her last album, and I’m sure she has a whole new perspective on life and music. I am expecting her new album to have a more mature sound, and maybe include tracks that reflect her new role as a mother and wife, and maybe even reflect some of the sadness that she has experienced.

I am so excited that Lily is returning to music because she is a serious talent and just such a lovely person. Since she married, Lily has been going under her new name, Lily Rose Cooper, so… maybe her new album will be under that name too? Are you excited to have Lily back?!

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  • I’m so happy to hear this! Her albums have always been great, I’m sure with everything that has happened in her life she will be releasing some emotional tracks. The world needs more Lily to balance the craziness we get from GaGa & her clones!

  • emma

    Can you please stop referring to the lost of Lilly’s son at 28 weeks as a miscarriage.

  • I wouldn’t mind if she left off super personal details from her life on this upcoming record. I know that we expect artists to release material close to the heart or what have you, but I think Kylie Minogue has been a great example of dealing with her personal life as privately as possible while producing music aligned with her image and career. I would think Lily is one of those artists, yea?

    Super pumped to hear she may be working on new stuff, though!! I love me some Lily Allen. :)

  • Jessicagiovanna

    I like her music… I saw her years ago, 2007, in Houston… Small venue, Bird and the Bee opened… before I settled down with the hubby and kids… Wow, time flies… Anyhow, I’m a fan :)

  • Megan

    It’s Not Me. It’s You is genuinely one of my favourite albums ever…such a solid piece of GODD pop! I’d love her to make more music and the more personal the better, it’s what she’s good at!