Anne Hathaway Chops Off Her Hair For ‘Les Misérables’


Anne Hathaway, who has been cast as Fantine in the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Les Misérables, is really getting into character these days. This weekend, Anne was spotted out and about in London, England last night sporting a new short hair’do. It remains to be seen if the rumors about the drastic measures Anne is taking to ready herself for the role are true but one thing we know for sure now … Anne’s hair was the first casualty in her Fantine preparation.

She’s admitted to cutting her daily food intake down to only 500 calories for her latest film role but that’s not the only extreme Anne Hathaway is having to go through. The actress who usually flaunts a thick mane of long brunette locks has trimmed her hair to barely one inch in length, in order to achieve the look of her character in the forthcoming movie, Les Miserables. The 29-year-old was pictured leaving London’s The Box nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning with the newly cropped do. Pretty Hathaway looked especially gaunt as she left the venue with fiancé Adam Shulman and their friends. As they hopped into a taxi she tried to conceal her fresh crop from onlookers who took a while to catch on to her identity. Grabbing her head as she made her way home, she is evidently still getting used to her short style.

It’s gonna take more than a short hair’do to bring the role of Fantine to life properly but … I will say this, the new look works for Anne. I honestly can’t say I’ve been too impressed with a lot of Anne’s films but she is capable of delivering powerful acting performances. I still have my doubts about her ability to portray Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the forthcoming sequel film The Dark Knight Rises but … I can see her giving us a decent Fantine. I guess we’ll see. As for her new hair’do … what do y’all think? Do we like?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • karen

    I *really* doubt she’s cut her daily intake to 500 calories. That would be so dramatically unhealthy, and she’s never seemed that stupid! I read a statement from her (or her “people”) saying the rumor is untrue.

    From those pics, I don’t think the haircut is particularly flattering, but it’s not terrible. I don’t think she looks gaunt, but maybe tired.

  • Debho

    Beyotch stole my look! That’s how I wear my hair these days. Of course the similarities stop there. I’m only 5’2 lol

  • Vicky

    She looks kind of cute. And if she looks tired… it’s probably cause she’s leaving a night club, lol.

  • Fabio

    Very Winona Ryder :) I like.

  • Stephanie

    I appreciate her dedication to the role, I still am not convinced she is right for the part. But I love her and hope she proves me wrong (and doesn’t mess up my favorite musical!)