Watch: Garbage Performs A Secret Rehearsal Show In LA


Last night Darion and I were among the lucky few who got to see Garbage perform a last minute secret “rehearsal” concert at the Bootleg Theater here in LA. The tickets were impossible to get but, thankfully, we managed to snag a pair … we were just meant to be at the first Garbage show in 7 years I guess :) The show was really amazing, Garbage is BACK and in fine form. I was able to record a lot of video so … if you want to see some great Garbage performance video, you’re gonna wanna click below to watch 5 songs performed in full.

I can’t even get into the specifics of all the amazing moments last night. The setlist, the energy, the music … it was one of the best Garbage shows I’ve ever seen. Because it was a “rehearsal” show, the band allowed for a few fun mistakes … a false start on the song Vow led to 3 minutes of amazing back and forth banter from lead singer Shirley Manson. Here is the full setlist from last night’s performance.

Temptation Waits
Shut Your Mouth
Metal Heart
Stupid Girl
Why Do You Love Me
#1 Crush
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Blood for Poppies
Man On a Wire
I Think I’m Paranoid
Bad Boyfriend
Only Happy When It Rains
Push It


The World Is Not Enough
Battle In Me

I managed to record a lot of great songs last night … the video may be shaky because the floor was really bouncy … and everyone was bouncing, dancing having a blast. Among the videos below are 2 songs from the band’s upcoming new album Not Your Kind of PeopleBattle In Me (the current UK single) and a previously unheard song titled Man on a Wire:

#1 Crush:

Vow (with false start fuck up):

Only Happy When It Rains:

Battle In Me:

Man on a Wire:

Here is video of Shirley Manson speaking to the audience … then she introduces the band:

You can find all of these videos HERE on my Twitvid profile page. I think these videos really speak for themselves. The band sounds fantastic, as if no time had passed at all. It was a very special feeling to be among the first people to see Garbage perform again after so many years away. Darion and I have 3 more Garbage shows to see :) We’ll see the band at the El Rey Theater on Monday and Tuesday night … then we’re going to Las Vegas next Saturday to see them one more time. We are BEYOND excited. I understand the band has rehearsed a lot of other songs so … hopefully the setlists will change from night to night. I can’t WAIT. Enjoy the videos … and see Garbage if you get the chance. It is SO exciting to have them back :)

  • resur

    So awesome! You must of shelled out a lot of dough for this show! I wouldn’t consider this a proper first show and more just another practice rehearsal with a small audience, but judging from all the videos I’ve been checking out on youtube from this show they sounded great! They’ve always been such a great live band.. I can’t wait to see them in the middle of the tour as those are usually the best performances artists have. Shirl looked great as well! Had some nervous moments.. but that’s understandable. So happy Garbage is back!

    • @resur — Tix were $25 each. Insane, I know.

  • Can’t wait to see them!!!

  • jen

    The false start was Duke blowing the power to his pedal box. It was funny. Also, they changed the set list right before the band came out. The first set list had them coming out for a second encore for 3 other songs, but they cut it last minute, unfortunately. Still an amazing show regardless!