Victoria Beckham Becomes A Redhead For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ China


This is definitely one very different look for Victoria Beckham. She has done a striking photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar China and donned bright fire red hair, and an exotic and revealing costume to transform herself completely. In the pics she is wearing an intricate Asian-style headdress and a super plunging corset which exposes her chest and ribcage. The photos were taken by famous Chinese photographer Chen Man, who is known for her dramatic cinematic effects. You MUST check these extraordinary pics out.

Aren’t these photos really something? It is exciting to see Victoria B embracing such a dramatic and different look. She isn’t usually known for playing around with different styles and characters, and this is certainly that. I love the Chen Man photos not only because they show a whole new side to Vic, but also because there is high drama in the images – it is as if we have stepped into the set of a sci-fi fantasy film or an alternative universe. Vic even almost looks cartoon-like.

I didn’t want to say it because it isn’t a popular topic to raise, but I’m going to say it anyway. The only thing wrong with these pics IMHO is that Vic is looking scarily thin. In some of the pics you can even see her ribcage beneath her costume. It’s a little bit worrying and scary… but that’s just me. They are still pretty surreal and stunning images.

What do you think of this high drama photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar China?

  • Reem

    That is one tiny mother of 4! She needs to write a book about how she managed that

  • Ama

    Keep in mind that her pose could be the reason you see her ribcage.

    For her body frame and height- she looks healthy.

    I like this photoshoot, though I would say that is more of a pink tone then red :)

  • Alys

    Wouldn’t Harpers Bazaar Espana be Spanish Harpers?

    • Ben@pr

      NOPE. Espana translates to Spain and the people from Spain are called Spaniards not Spanish.

    • Nathan

      I think Espanol translates to Spanish. That is a complete guess though as I don’t speak it, lol.

  • Ria

    Ahhh, I love how it’s a combination of bold eyes and soft lips. It creates such a unique, feminine look.

  • Charlotte

    Stunning! She just gets better and better.

  • nicole

    finally something different! dont know if i love it, but i reallly like it

  • Amarie

    She looks like she’s straight from a video game in the last pic. Love these.

  • JCZ

    Whilst in no disrespect to you Melissa, cause it is your opinion, but I really feel people have got to drop the “too skinny” comment with Victoria.

    It’s surrounded her throughout her entire career. I think she would be dead by now if she was in that state where it was very dangerous to her health. I don’t think she is in a relationship either that would support such a thing. Altho Dave is a bit of a douchebag – I think he wouldn’t allow V to just deteriorate away from him and the kids. It’s also quite obvious the role weight plays in the fashion industry and there is that STUPID expectation placed on those people thanks to the great minds of Westerners (sarcasm if you didn’t guess).

    To me, she just seems naturally thin and working in the Fashion industry I feel she tries very hard to also maintain that at the same time. I have known and do know people who look like this and are just naturally built that way. We are quick to defend people considered overweight but just as quick to criticise people who we consider TOO skinny. Both can be problems – but we definitely cannot say V has a problem without knowing more than seeing images, images we’ve constantly seen for over a decade now.

    I’d also like to point out, that it’s funny as I was typing this I see an advertisement with a picture of Angelina. I think SHE is someone who is unhealthy IMO. Why? Cause we’ve seen her over the years be an average size for HER. Yet lately she shrunk down, something we don’t see from her. I guess I’m defending Victoria based on the fact that I’ve only EVER seen V.Beckham as very tiny except when pregnant.

  • Paula

    I agree with Ama about the hair, maybe it’s just my screen but that does look more magenta than red. I love the shoot as well and really want to know where the corset in the first picture is from, it’s absolutely stunning!