Ricky Martin Receives Standing Ovation At ‘Evita’ Broadway Opening Night But Reviews Are Scathing


A couple of weeks back we heard that Evita had returned to Broadway in NYC with Ricky Martin as one of the lead stars. In opened in previews on March 12th and Thursday was the official opening night. As you will recall, Latin popstar Ricky Martin plays Ché in this new production of Evita and he is joined by Elena Roger in the lead role of Eva Perón and Michael Cerveris as Colonel Juan Domingo Perón. Ricky was given a bunch of roses and a standing ovation at curtain call, but reviews that are now surfacing, are somewhat critical of the production and Ricky’s performance.

I have been very excited to see this show because Evita is one of my favorite musicals and I also loved the film adaptation. These pics from the opening night seem to tell a story of success, Ricky Martin’s face as he holds his large bunch of red roses looks like pure joy. Sadly though, not all of the reviews are so shining. The NY Times theater review says..

“As Che, Mr. Martin, the chart-topping pop star, is thin voiced, polite, vaguely charming and forgettable. The intensity that Mr. Patinkin brought to the part has been discarded (along with the stringy hair and revolutionary battle fatigues), and this Che is a subversive you could bring home to meet the folks.”

Ouch! The review’s crux – “this just in: Eva Perón is still dead”.

I know very often it is best to judge theater for yourself, rather than take a review too seriously, but I have to say, this is what I was worried about when I heard about Evita being brought back to Broadway in a new production. I am still going to try and catch this production, despite the reviews, and actually in some ways because of these reviews. Hmmm…


  • Daniel

    Eh, whatever. I don’t buy into critics reviews for anything. It is art after all.

  • Julie

    Don’t ever listen to reviews….it’s the audience’s opinion that matters, not the critics!

  • Ben@pr

    Ricky doesn’t matter what the critics say you always make your people proud. Pa’lante!!!!

  • Brian

    I saw the show last week and, unfortunately, the above quote is absolutely accurate. The standout of the three leads is Michael Cerveris (and that frankly should not be the case.)

  • jadedsweetie

    i’m gonna see it next month! i can’t wait :D let the critics sing and dance for 3 hours and see what we think.

  • geez

    No mention of great reviews?


  • Hollywood Reporter review

    The other bit of headline casting is Ricky Martin as Che. Moving away from the original production’s clear allusions to Che Guevara, he appears here as an enigmatic peasant worker who serves as the bio-musical’s narrator and its voice of skepticism, seeing the beatified “Santa Evita” for the ravenous spotlight-seeker she really is. His dramatic presence could be more aggressive, but Martin’s Latin-pop vocals are a smooth fit for the role, and his relaxed charm and dreamboat looks will yield few complaints. Fans eager for him to bust some serious dance moves have to wait until midway through Act II, but he eventually turns on the trademark sizzle.


  • Washington Examiner review

    “Evita” has been about the spitfire Argentine playing the title role. But all of the heat actually comes from the guy shaking his bon-bon.

    Ricky Martin is easily the best thing about this revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s bio of Eva Peron, which opened Thursday at the Marquis Theatre. He sings beautifully, dances gracefully, athletically climbs ladders, plays his role with a knowing sneer and elicits drools in his suspenders and tight white shirt. He even makes a mustache work.

    As in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Lloyd Webber and Rice are exploring the caustic intersection of politics and showbiz. There’s one thing “Evita” has that its sibling does not, and that’s a guy named Ricky. Hugh Jackman has some competition as king of Broadway.


  • New York Post review

    Last night, “Evita” returned after a 30-year absence from Broadway. The wait was worth it: This is a big, fat, juicy blockbuster of a show.

    Naturally, everybody’s flipping out over the hot new bombshell in town. Usually we mean the actress in the title role, but this time it’s the guy who plays the narrator: Ricky Martin — you may have heard of him?

    And does he deliver! Despite being vocally underpowered at times, Martin is a supernova of charisma in the key part of Che, a Zelig-like Everyman always hovering on the side of the action.


  • bob snob

    That’s marvelous!