Reese Witherspoon Reveals A Baby Bump In A Swimsuit


We are yet to get official confirmation of her pregnancy, but more and more pics are surfacing of Reese Witherspoon that suggest that she is pregs with her third child and first with hubby, Jim Toth. Today we get to see her hanging out with her family on the beach on vacation, and in a swimsuit it certainly looks like there is a bump starting there…

Reese is on vacation with Jim and her 2 kids, Ava and Deacon in Costa Rica, and in her black one-piece swimsuit, there is definitely some hint of something there in the belly region, I’m sure of it. We first heard the RUMORS of her pregnancy in mid March and since then, there have been several pics of Reese where there is a possible/subtle hint of a bump. Last week we saw a pic of her in a clingy, gray dress, but she had strategically worn a loose sweater over it to hide any hint of a bump. Today is the first time it really looks very probable, don’t you think?? When do you think she will finally make it public?


  • blaqfury

    That looks to be in the range of very probable to almost certain. So I’ma just say Congrats to the family now. Lol.

  • Liza

    Pregnancy in one’s thirties shows evidence on the body much earlier than in one’s twenties. However even bearing that in mind…if this isn’t at LEAST a sixteen week bump…Reese needs to get to a hospital…fast.

    I’m pretty sure it’s ok to begin congratulating them!

    I hope she has a boy…I think she and Ava have such a special relationship, and Ava is twelve- already a nightmare of an age in terms of not feeling like a child anymore but lacking the maturity and life experience to be treated like an adult…I just think it would be hard for her to have a sister.

    Of course, whatever they have will be darling and fabulous. Reese obviously has some seriously potent DNA as evidenced by her two children so I am sure her third will be another adorable Reese clone.

    • Debho

      I’m thinking more like 20 weeks. There is almost 12 years between my last two children, both girls and they have an incredibly close bond. Now my baby is almost 13 and she’s still close to her sister and helping her out with her own baby. I think Ava would love to have a little sister. A bit like having your very own real life doll. lol

  • kel

    loving their total mom and dad poses…he has a daddy belly in that pic. they seem very normal.

  • Zeke

    By “Bump Watch” you mean hers or his? :P

  • Sfmom

    Looks like a baby to me! Yay!
    I’m also oddly excited to see how shockingly normal she looks in a swimsuit…her legs arent the same, sickly skinny all the way from ankle to hip. They actually look like real legs!
    Yet another reason why this lady is a breath of fresh air.

  • i perferred them to have a baby girl for their third child

  • Tiffany

    Come on, all of you familiar with the ways of pregnancy can tell that this is a baby bump and not a food baby ;) I’d say 20-24 weeks.

    • ChristineLA

      It doesn’t even have to be that far along for that bump. Everyone who has had more than one baby knows you pop so much earlier with the subsequent pregnancies! She’s a naturally small person, she could be 12 weeks here, easily.

    • Tiffany

      I have 3 myself ;) Still looks more than 12 weeks :)