Pregnant Alyson Hannigan Might Just Have Accidentally Given Away Her Baby’s Sex


The wonderful Alyson Hannigan appeared on the Rachael Ray Show yesterday to promote her new movie, American Reunion, and chat about her very exciting, impending second baby. While chatting away about how the baby moves around a lot, Aly seemed to mistakenly have made a very quick slip up subtly referring to the baby’s sex. It was very subtle and quick, but… you can kind of/sort of/probably tell… wanna know what we THINK she said she’s having!?

She said… “SHE”!

“The other night, she — this, you know,” Hannigan said, referring to her unborn baby, before laughing. The actress went on to talk about how her baby likes to move around, telling Ray, “I feel like a popcorn popper!”

When Alyson realized that she quickly said a short “she”, she speedily backtracked and almost covered it up, but she giggled, and I think she knows that she let the cat out of the bag, so to speak…

Yeah!! How exciting! If this is true, and it wasn’t a double trick to put us off, Alyson and hubby, Alexis Denisof, are having a second baby girl. I’m sure big sister, Satyana, will be so excited to have a little sister to play with. If you saw the Rachael Ray episode you would be able to tell there was definitely a ‘moment’ there…i think…


  • Hannah

    It could be, or it could be habit. I had a son, and then a girl, and I know I called the girl a he a few times out of habit before she was born.

  • kat :)

    I don’t know what I’m having and I’m always saying she or he. Doesnt’ mean anything :) But congrats to her if she is having a girl- i have 2 daughters now and it’s the best!