Alicia Keys Covers ‘Vibe’ And Tweets New Album Is On The Way


Yesterday we heard directly from Alicia Keys that she is working on her new album, and that it is on it’s way over to us shortly. The beautiful Alicia is on the upcoming cover of Vibe magazine looking fierce, and she has revealed to them too that her sixth album is on the way. Alicia has been around now more than a decade and she has seen huge success with her first few albums. She’s released ?ve albums, won 14 Grammys and sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. She hasn’t been in the spotlight in the music industry for a little while though so I’m hoping that her 6th album will put her back there, where she deserves to be.

The singer-songwriter tweeted on Friday, “So excited to b in album mode!! It’s coming!!! Are you ready????;-)”

Doesn’t she look amazing on this cover? Alicia Keys has this rare quality where she looks extraordinary and ordinary at the same time. In this shot she looks like an incredible, sexy alien-like pop star but somehow I think she also always feels easy to relate to, down to earth and easy breezy. Her hair and makeup in this picture are so totally Alicia Keys’ look of the moment – the unusual sculptured hair, strong dark lips and smoky, deep, eyes… I think we can expect to hear some similar qualities to that, aurally of course, in her new album. Maybe something a little bit more edgy, darker?

I’m excited about Alicia’s new album… really excited to hear her new sounds. Are you, what do you think her 6th album will be like??


  • Lady2176

    She looks amazing. She is so beautiful.

  • PixiesBassline

    She is beautiful but the hair style is very unfortunate.

  • JCZ

    Last album, bleh… she needs to reconsider her role as a musician.
    I really feel as if she succumbed to some sort of record label pressure on the last 2 albums. As I Am not so much.

    I’m all for seeing someone like Alicia play around with different things and images – the problem though is she never intended to be that artist when she first came out. I just reckon fame, money, success & the record labels changed that gradually overtime.

    I want some more soul back in her music, something more personal again. But hey, if she goes total pop (which she won’t) I don’t care, as long as she doesn’t lose what made her successful in the first place. I have a feeling she will get that ‘mojo’ back, I reckon having a kid will find her in a different place musically.